Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

Recent Stories

  • Brown cows grazing beneath trees.
    - Out to Pasture
    Keeping trees in livestock pastures can help reduce the impacts of climate change, according to new UNH research. Read More
  • Great Bay marsh in autumn, with brown grasses and orange leaves on the surrounding trees.
    - Coastal Buffers
    The autumn may be a time when Great Bay Estuary is particularly vulnerable to the effects of coastal and ocean acidification, according to new UNH research. Read More
  • Solar flare bursts away from the surface of the sun.
    - Searching for Answers
    UNH will receive $906,055 from NSF ANSWERS to build on its existing strengths in space weather research and education. Read More
  • Listening to Marine Life
    - Listening to Marine Life
    Michelle Fournet still vividly recalls one of the first times she listened to humpback whales as a researcher. She was sitting in a small, 10-foot inflatable raft, bobbing on the... Read More
  • Suburban yard with some cut grass and some left long
    - How Low Can You Mow?
    Not a fan of mowing the lawn? Good news: Cutting the grass less may be better for the environment. Trimming the number of times you run the mower around the yard, known as “low... Read More
  • A photo of researchers Jeff Garnas (left) and Matt Vadeboncoeur
    - Forest Impacts
    What impact do nonnative pests and diseases have on the vegetation of the Northern Forest? How will climate change impact the range of the northern red oak, especially within the... Read More
  • Wide angle shot of engineers measuring beach
    - Building Momentum for the Blue Economy
    When it comes to the economy, the ocean is a major player — from tourism to energy, seafood to shipping, the world’s marine-related assets tally up to trillions of dollars. But... Read More
  • Eric Scheuer sits on an airplane in front of a laptop and data instruments.
    - Passings: Eric Scheuer
    Eric Scheuer, a long-time UNH research project engineer, has passed away at the age of 51.  Read More
  • Two Pacific white-sided dolphins leap out of the ocean water.
    - Differentiating Dolphin Dialects
    New acoustic technology designed by UNH researchers tracks dolphins' habitat shift to colder waters due to climate change. Read More
  • Kalle Matso smiles in the sunlight.
    - Prepping for New Leadership
    Kalle Matso has been selected as the next director for the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership.  Read More