School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering

Salme Cook, an oceanography Ph.D. student

Faster Than Lightning Research

To know how sediment moves in an estuary, you have to know how the water flows — the tides, the currents. Using computer models to understand that motion can be time-consuming and costly. Which is why Salme Cook, an oceanography Ph.D. student in the... Read More
Jennifer Miksis-Olds
Jennifer Miksis-Olds has made a career out of listening to some of the Earth’s most curious creatures. Read More
UNH's Meghan Carr '17
Meghan Carr ’17 is no stranger to the plight of sea mammals, and now she's taking her research efforts to the next level. “In September, I will begin... Read More

Recent Stories

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    - Winning at Brevity
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  • Senator Jeanne Shaheen addresses UNH faculty researchers in Huddleston Hall
    - Supporting Research and Economic Development
    U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen met with UNH faculty and student researchers in Durham last week.  Read More
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    - Scenes from STEMland
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    - The ISE Awards
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  • UNH Marine Science
    - Research on the Edge: Marine Science
    In June, UNH added the R/V Gulf Surveyor, a 48-foot aluminum vessel with the capability to deploy sophisticated multi-beam echo sounders, to its research fleet. The vessel will... Read More
  • Larry Mayer sits on the stern of a UNH research vessel
    - Hall of Fame
    Larry Mayer has been inducted into the Hydrographer Hall of Fame. Read More
  • CCOM researcher Tom Weber
    - Weber, Miksis-Olds Honored by Acoustical Society of America
    Thomas Weber and Jennifer Miksis-Olds are back-to-back recipients of the Medwin Prize in Acoustical Oceanography by the Acoustical Society of America. Read More
  • UNH interim dean of CEPS Charles Zercher
    - Faculty News
    Associate dean Charles “Chuck” Zercher has been named interim dean of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. The associate dean for academic affairs since 2014, he... Read More
  • Researcher Jennifer Miksis-Olds
    - Eavesdropping on the Ocean
    A new federal contract will help researchers like Jennifer Miksis-Olds eavesdrop on the ocean environment. The contract, worth up to $6.5 million, will support ongoing monitoring... Read More
  • Sponges on a coral reef
    - Sponges of the Caribbean
    UNH researchers are exploring how sponges, the less charismatic but essential reef neighbors of corals, contribute to overall coral reef health. Read More