Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

Flooding at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth

UNH Researchers Helping Strawbery Banke Fight Flooding Issues

Rising sea levels and more frequent flooding have combined to become an increasingly alarming challenge for the Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, where basements on this historic property are now routinely threatened by ground water intrusion during events like King Tides and storm surges. UNH... Read More

Recent Stories

  • UNH's autonomous surface vehicle BEN (Bathymetric Explorer and Navigator) 
    - UNH Researchers Help Discover 1894 Shipwreck in Lake Huron
    Researchers from the University of New Hampshire were part of a world-renowned team that found an intact shipwreck from the 19th century hundreds of feet below the surface of Lake... Read More
  • A scenic shot of Great Bay marshes with autumn foliage in the background.
    - Retracing Colonists’ Spread into Great Bay
    Researchers are using an innovative tactic to reveal the decision-making behind the early English colonists' movements into Great Bay. Read More
  • People bundled up in winter gear hold a long white tube to measure soil frost amidst a snowy forest.
    - Frosty Field Work
    Wearing their warmest winter garb, graduate students from UNH and the University of Maine, along with three UNH faculty members, braved the extreme cold and perpetual darkness in... Read More
  • Gregg Moore and Michelle Fournet
    - Caribbean Partnership Expands
    Gregg Moore, coastal restoration ecologist and associate professor in the department of biological sciences, has invited Michelle Fournet and Laura Kloepper, both visiting... Read More
  • Rocket launches into the green Northern Lights.
    - Research Snapshot: Northern Lights
    On a recent night above the Arctic circle in Norway, two rockets carrying equipment designed and built by UNH students and researchers streaked across the sky, cutting through the... Read More
  • Computer screen with white text for code.
    - Bolstering Broadband
    A UNH-based mapping agency will inventory statewide broadband coverage to identify underserved areas.  Read More
  • Group of people wearing lifejackets huddle in a circle in a pool
    - Research Snapshot: Offshore Survival
    The engineering tank in Chase Ocean Engineering Lab is no match for the chilly offshore waters of the Gulf of Maine, but it stood in ably for a recent offshore marine survival... Read More
  • An aerial view of a ship on the calm ocean water.
    - Shipping Sounds
    UNH researchers found no significant change in the U.S. continental shelf's underwater soundscape during the COVID-19 lockdown. Read More
  • Sun peeks through clouds and a group of students stands on a seaweed-covered rocky coastline by the ocean.
    - We All Belong on the Island
    Shoals Marine Laboratory has been awarded a 2022 Honorable Mention for Innovation for its Strategic Plan for Advancing Belonging. Read More
  • A panel of National Lab scientists talk under a slide that says "UNH DOE National Lab Day
    - National Lab Day
    . U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen welcomed participants to UNH's National Lab Day. Read More