Future Wildcats

Nada Al-Haddad

Brighter Days Ahead

Nada Al-Haddad, a research assistant professor in the UNH Space Science Center, has been awarded a presitigious four-year, $690,000 NASA grant to support her solar-based research as an early-career scientist. Read More

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  • A More Diverse Legal Landscape
    - A More Diverse Legal Landscape
    Peter Nieves, a patent attorney at Sheehan Phinney and former adjunct professor at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law, has been working to create a scholarship program at the law... Read More
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    - Promising Research
    Waldenström macroglobulinemia (WM), a rare form of lymphoma, does not have any known cure and only one FDA-approved treatment, making it challenging to treat patients. But with... Read More
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    - Partnering to Test
    The high toll that the coronavirus has taken on long-term care facilities across the nation underscores the value of a new partnership between UNH and the New Hampshire Department... Read More
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    - Q&A with Masami Dustin ‘21
    When you came to UNH had you planned on weaving in a focus on social innovation or sustainability into your major and why?  I knew since my junior year of high school that I would... Read More
  • Using Business to Do Good
    - Using Business to Do Good
    When Shuili Du was a doctoral student at Boston University, the academic field of marketing still focused on the marketing mix (i.e., product, price, promotion and channel... Read More
  • Gordon Unzen '21
    - A Future in Criminal Justice
    A desire to better understand how people think led Gordon Unzen ’21 to major in psychology. He added philosophy after taking social and political philosophy, and then justice... Read More
  • Melissa Mullen '21, analytics and data science major at UNH Manchester
    - First-Year Mentor Spotlight: Melissa Mullen '21
    Get to know Melissa Mullen '21, one of our peer assistant leaders who helps incoming first-year students adjust to life at UNH Manchester. Read More
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    - Character Counts
    When Julian Maduro ’21 says she grew up around books, she is speaking both figuratively and literally. Read More
  • Sophie Calderwood '22
    - Hey COVID: The Show Went On
    How a theatre major adapted to virtual performing. Read More