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STAF Spotlight: Scanning for Smoke

I’m perched in Banner Mt. Lookout sixty feet above the ground. Five miles to the west, the Jones Fire tears through brush and timber. Smoke billows up thick and white, then a bruised purple-brown as it drifts south over the ridges to Grass Valley. Wind shakes the tower. I feel helpless. There’s not much a lookout can do once a fire is burning. Everyone knows where it is.

Hippo Press: Current Funding System is Not Working

The New Hampshire Commission to Study School Funding – working with the Carsey School of Public Policy – recently released a report that shows that New Hampshire’s current system for funding schools “may not be working for large segments of students and taxpayers". The commission and members of the Carsey School  will examine the report as well as possibilities for more equitable school funding. The commission plans to release its final report later in the year.

Hidden Gem

UNH Manchester has been named a 2021 “Hidden Gem in the New England Region” and "Urban Hidden Gem" by College Raptor, a leading college planning platform.