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Wall Street Journal: U.S. Population Growth, an Economic Driver, Grinds to a Halt

Ken Johnson, Senior Demographer with the Carsey School of Public Policy, was recently interviewed by The Wall Street Journal regarding the role of population growth in bolstering the economy. "While many [states] are likely to shift back to a births surplus once the pandemic ends, deaths will continue to outpace births in large sections of the U.S. as the population ages," said Johnson.

Athlon Sports: SEC Football: Conference Enters 2021 Stronger Than Ever

The Southeastern Conference Football's (SEC) 2021 season is looking stronger than ever, according to athletic directors at the 14 schools included in the NCAA division. Economically, that's true for the Southern and Southwestern states where the 14 schools are located too, says Michael Ettlinger, Director of the Carsey School. "As a group, the SEC states are doing better than any other big conference group of states," he said. "Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina are mong the best 10."

UNH Scientists Unravel More Mysteries About Beech Bark Disease

The UNH-led team found the early arriving beech bark disease pathogen Neonectria ditissima – a broad generalist that causes canker disease on many broadleaf hosts – is present in more than 42% of infected beech trees sampled. This discovery refutes the long-standing idea that this fungus is replaced by another, more dominant N. faginata. Rather, they found the two fungi regularly occur together on trees. 

Become the Roar

The University of New Hampshire welcomed members of the 2021 incoming class for several one-day, in-person orientation sessions last month, ending each day with UNH's own Become the Roar tradition.

Visit UNH Research Farms on Durham Farm Day Saturday Aug. 21

Growers and the public are invited to visit two research farms at the University of New Hampshire on Durham Farm Day Saturday, Aug. 21. The Woodman Horticultural Research Farm and the Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center, both facilities of the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station, will be open for free public tours. Preregistration is required.