Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping / NOAA Joint Hydrographic Center

UNH's autonomous surface vehicle BEN (Bathymetric Explorer and Navigator) 

UNH Researchers Help Discover 1894 Shipwreck in Lake Huron

Researchers from the University of New Hampshire were part of a world-renowned team that found an intact shipwreck from the 19th century hundreds of feet below the surface of Lake Huron. Read More

Recent Stories

  • Stern of the Exploration Vessel Nautilus with a crane deploying the DriX autonomous surface vessel into the ocean.
    - Monumental Mapping
    Twelve scientists and students associated with UNH are mapping the seafloor of the largest marine protected area under U.S. jurisdiction.  Read More
  • One man hands another an award
    - Canadian Kudos
    Larry Mayer, director of UNH’s Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, received the Canadian Hydrographic Association’s Sam Masry Award at the 2022 Canadian Hydrographic Conference. Read More
  • Wide angle shot of engineers measuring beach
    - Building Momentum for the Blue Economy
    When it comes to the economy, the ocean is a major player — from tourism to energy, seafood to shipping, the world’s marine-related assets tally up to trillions of dollars. But... Read More
  • Two female graduate students stand outdoors with their arms around each other
    - Deconstructing Bias
    Three young researchers -- and many more -- are leading efforts to help UNH geosciences become more inclusive. Read More
  • John Hughes Clarke headshot
    - Ocean Mapping Honor
    CCOM/JHC's John Hughes Clarke has been inducted into the Class of 2021 Hydrographer Hall of Fame. Read More
  • Natalie Cook stands on a ship in front of the Thomas Jefferson hydrographic vessel.
    - Fantastic Voyage
    Natalie Cook '23 spent 45 days aboard a survey vessel this summer to map the seafloor of the Chesapeake Bay.  Read More
  • Autonomous boat under a dramatic sunrise
    - Research Snapshot: ASV BEN
    In June, UNH’s Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center’s autonomous surface vehicle Bathymetric Explorer and Navigator — ASV BEN — traveled Lake Huron,... Read More
  • An artist's rendering of the R/V Narragansett Dawn
    - Narragansett Dawn
    A new ocean-going vessel co-operated by UNH has been given the name Narragansett Dawn. Read More
  • Jaya Roperez and Rochelle Wigley stand on a dock in front of the DSSV Pressure Drop vessel.
    - Undersea Discoveries
    When scientists discovered the world’s deepest-known shipwreck and explored the trenches in the lowest points of the ocean this spring, they relied on detailed seafloor maps... Read More
  • Large red ocean-going vessel sits stationary in a bay.
    - Setting Sail for Science
    A remotely operated sailboat that will map the seafloor is about to make its maiden voyage to Hawaii. Read More