Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

tall blades of kelp seaweed in the Gulf of Maine

Climate Change and Turf Seaweed Causing “Patchy” Seascape

The effects of climate change are becoming more apparent, from the rapidly warming Gulf of Maine to more frequent and severe storms and the increase of invasive turf seaweed. UNH researchers have found that these environmental developments are contributing to the transformation of the seafloor to a... Read More

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    - Making Climate Connections
    Tamara Marcus researching methane emissions from permafrost in northern Sweden. Photo by Ruth Varner.Tamara Marcus, a graduate student in UNH’s Natural Resources and Earth System... Read More
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    - Pounding the Pavement
    New research from UNH shows that thicker asphalt could extend the life cycle of roads — and save money — as the effects of climate change stress them. Read More
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    - Listen Up, UNH
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  • Uncrewed surface vessel (USV), SEA-KIT MAXLIMER, that pairs with an autonomous underwater vehicle to map the seafloor remotely.
    - UNH Alumni Team Wins XPRIZE
    A team of UNH alumni has won the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, a global competition to advance deep-sea technologies for ocean floor exploration. Read More
  • Spring pink blossoms on a tree in front of a brick building on campus.
    - Seasons Of Change
    One of the leading indicators of climate change — phenology, or nature’s calendar — can provide some insight into past climatic trends as well. Read More
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    - Inquiring Minds
    UNH's Inquiry journal highlights undergraduate research. Read More
  • Giving Science a Voice
    - Giving Science a Voice
    Two UNH graduate students are giving New Hampshire science a national voice.  Read More
  • Autonomous surface vehicle at sea behind a research vessel
    - Ocean Explorers
    NOAA taps UNH as one of five institutions tasked with exploring U.S. ocean territory. Read More
  • Researchers take a soil sample
    - Increasing UNH’s Impact
    Faculty, grad students complete first-ever Research Communications Academy. Read More