Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

Recent Stories

  • Giving Science a Voice
    - Giving Science a Voice
    Two UNH graduate students are giving New Hampshire science a national voice.  Read More
  • Autonomous surface vehicle at sea behind a research vessel
    - Ocean Explorers
    NOAA taps UNH as one of five institutions tasked with exploring U.S. ocean territory. Read More
  • Researchers take a soil sample
    - Increasing UNH’s Impact
    Faculty, grad students complete first-ever Research Communications Academy. Read More
  • A reindeer with fuzzy antlers browses for food on the ground.
    - Climate (Diet) Change
    As the Arctic rapidly warms from climate change, reindeer are responding by eating different foods available during the longer growing seasons.  Read More
  • Text on a page surrounded by colorful ocean graphics.
    - Rising Above The Crowd
    Undergraduates at UNH are leading their own research project sand publishing the data and results, sometimes before they even graduate. Read More
  • A rocket takes off with white-red flames behind it.
    - Satellites' Bumpy Ride
    Scientists find auroral "speed bumps" are complicated. Read More
  • UNH grad student Melissa Melendez stands on the deck of a research vessel.
    - Finish-Line Fellowship
    UNH doctoral student Melissa Meléndez-Oyola has received a prestigious Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship. Read More
  • An illustration of lightning striking the Earth near an array of antennas.
    - Leading the Charge
    New 3D data images have revealed the cause for unusual electrical activity in storm clouds. Read More
  • Three flashes of lightning emerge from the same cloud.
    - At Lightning Speed
    In a first-of-its-kind observation, UNH researchers have documented an unusual phenomenon that occurs in the clouds before a lightning flash emerges. Read More
  • Students hold up their country's flags next to white rocket and snow-capped peaks nearby.
    - Rocket Power
    Students traveled to Norway to take part in a rocket launch that carried their sampling equipment into the upper atmosphere.  Read More