Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

Rocket launches into the green Northern Lights.

Research Snapshot: Northern Lights

On a recent night above the Arctic circle in Norway, two rockets carrying equipment designed and built by UNH students and researchers streaked across the sky, cutting through the vivid green aurora — more commonly known as the Northern Lights. These skyward sensations are created when charged... Read More

Recent Stories

  • An illustration of space technology and its location on the International Space Station.
    - Another Leap Forward
    UNH researchers have received a $750,000 NASA grant to study gamma ray bursts. Read More
  •  Laura Kloepper and her winged research assistant collect data on bat movement.
    - Hawks on the Hunt
    A study by UNH researcher Laura Kloepper recently published in Nature Communications aids our understanding of how predators select and track a target among thousands of potential... Read More
  • Tiny satellite floats above Earth in between much larger space science equipment.
    - Small Wonder
    A new UNH study found that small satellites can be just as effective in performing important space science missions as their larger counterparts.  Read More
  • Stern of the Exploration Vessel Nautilus with a crane deploying the DriX autonomous surface vessel into the ocean.
    - Monumental Mapping
    Twelve scientists and students associated with UNH are mapping the seafloor of the largest marine protected area under U.S. jurisdiction.  Read More
  • Open ocean with sunshine and white fluffy clouds overhead.
    - Nourishing Ocean Deserts
    Research on the chemistry of ocean deserts shows how phytoplankton survive in such tough conditions. Read More
  • Measuring Methane in Streams
    - Measuring Methane in Streams
    Different aquatic bodies play different roles in the release of methane gas. Wetlands, lakes, and reservoirs all play large roles in releasing methane directly into the atmosphere... Read More
  • Map of Great Bay and the coastline of New Hampshire
    - Maps Made Easier
    The New Hampshire Geodata Portal website provides easier access to online GIS maps for the state. Read More
  • Car driving through flooded street
    - Granite State Warming
    UNH researchers have released the 2021 New Hampshire Climate Assessment. Read More
  • Brown cows grazing beneath trees.
    - Out to Pasture
    Keeping trees in livestock pastures can help reduce the impacts of climate change, according to new UNH research. Read More
  • Great Bay marsh in autumn, with brown grasses and orange leaves on the surrounding trees.
    - Coastal Buffers
    The autumn may be a time when Great Bay Estuary is particularly vulnerable to the effects of coastal and ocean acidification, according to new UNH research. Read More