Undergraduate Research Awards (URA)

Nick Bencivenga

Nick Bencivenga

COVID-19 UPDATE:  1) The AY2022-23 URA application deadlines below will be contingent on the University’s mode of operation at the time of application, and also on the University’s phased approach to research activities as determined by the Senior Vice Provost for Research (SVPR). When preparing applications, mentors and students should consult the UNH and Hamel Center websites frequently for any updates or changes. 2) Even if an application is successful, mentors and students should be prepared to modify their projects as needed to adhere to any changing University research policies and procedures during the proposed research period. Any project’s ability to go forward will be dependent on the University’s guidelines for research at any time during the research period. 

Undergraduate Research Awards (URAs) offer a $1200 stipend (optional)  and up to $600 in research expenses to students who wish to conduct research either on campus or at other research sites within the United States during the academic year (including January term), or in the summer.  A successful URA project will require a substantial amount of time, effort, energy, and focus to complete. Students should anticipate 100-125 hours of research, though this may be configured in any number of ways to fit the research plan:  e.g., 8-9 hours per week during a 14-week semester; 35-40 hours per week during J-term, or a similar commitment of time during the summer.

  • If you don’t need or desire academic credit for your research project, you may apply to the Hamel Center for both a stipend and an expense award
  • If you plan to pursue research for academic credit, you may apply to the Hamel Center for an expense award only, to help defray costs incurred in carrying out your project – i.e. you may not receive both credit and a stipend for the same research during the same time period.


Students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative UNH/UNHM GPA at the time of application.  (First-year and transfer students must have completed at least one full-time semester at UNH or UNHM at the time of application, with a minimum 2.0 GPA from UNH/UNHM courses.)

Application Deadlines

October 5, 2022 for research during January Term or spring 2023

March 1, 2023 for research during summer or fall 2023

*Please note: Stipends and expense funds will be awarded (and thus may be used) only for research activities conducted post award notification, typically to be done in subsequent semesters – e.g., research during J-term or spring for students applying in October, or research during summer or fall for students applying in March. Students may not seek retroactive stipend and/or expenses for research activities that have already begun prior to or been completed at the time of application. See the Application Guidelines (below) for more details.

For help with your application, consult our advice for writing an effective proposal and consider attending a proposal writing workshop.

Applications must be submitted to the Hamel Center office (118 Conant Hall) no later than 4:30 p.m. on the deadline dates above.

URA Application

Read the Application Guidelines and Budget Instructions before completing the application forms. A complete URA application includes: 1) Application Cover Sheet, 2) Proposal, 3) Budget, 4) UNH Faculty Mentor Recommendation.

  • Application Guidelines (complete instructions for the URA application)
  • Application Checklist (a list of all the steps in the application process)
  • Application Cover Sheet (fillable online)*You will need the most recent version of Adobe Reader to complete the application cover sheet.
  • Budget Instructions and Budget Form *The budget form is a Word document. Please save these forms to your computer before entering any information. You may then save and return to the forms later for completion.
  • UNH Faculty Mentor Memo and Recommendation Form (student must complete and sign top portion of recommendation form; UNH mentor must complete bottom portion of form and attach letter; letter must be submitted with the URA application in a sealed envelope)

Guidelines on faculty mentor eligibility

Approval guidelines for working with a non-UNH mentor off campus (e.g. during January Term or summer)

Criteria for review of applications