Research Presentation Grants

Over the years, dozens of UNH undergraduates have presented their research findings at conferences and professional meetings nationwide. If you are invited to present at an off-campus venue, you may apply to the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research for a Research Presentation Grant. These grants support your travel expenses and conference registration fees (not including meals, lodging, or trip insurance).  Award amounts vary based on available funds.

Eligibility: Applicant must be enrolled as an undergraduate at UNH at the time of application; must be presenting on research conducted while an undergraduate at UNH; and must have received written notice of acceptance to present at an off-campus conference.

Application Deadline

Rolling deadline.  Students are encouraged to submit their application promptly so that it can be reviewed and, if approved, travel arrangements can be made in a timely fashion. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks ahead of the conference attendance date. Awards will not be made retroactively for conference travel that has already taken place.


Read the Application Guidelines before completing the application forms.

Guidelines for applicants whose research was conducted with a non-UNH mentor