For Faculty

Dear Faculty:

UNH has a long and successful history of undergraduate research owing to the many faculty members who have encouraged, supervised and collaborated with their students as they have pursued an incredibly diverse array of projects.  Since 1987 UNH has offered a university-wide undergraduate research program that has funded research, scholarly and creative projects in all disciplines. These efforts have been increasingly complemented by generous donors who are eager to support students and to hear about the research in which students and faculty are engaged.

We ask you to review the programs offered by the Hamel Center and the funding available.  As a faculty mentor, you can help your students design a project, define their research objectives, understand disciplinary methodologies and professional ethics, and gain the experience of sharing their results with both professional and general audiences. 

While the primary aim of Hamel Center programs and funding is to support the undergraduate research experience, we intend and hope that they will also advance the research agendas of faculty and the research mission of the University.  I encourage you to consider the ways in which you and your students can take advantage of what the Center has to offer.

Sincere regards,

Paul Tsang, Director