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The Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research encourages students to design and carry out research, scholarly, or creative projects in collaboration with faculty mentors. To facilitate this, the Center offers a variety of research grants and fellowships specifically for undergraduate students.

For brief program descriptions and eligibility requirements, see below.

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If you receive a grant from the Hamel Center, you must conduct your research before you graduate. After you conclude your project, the Center requires that you complete an evaluation form and submit a brief report on your research.

Research Experience and Apprenticeship Program (REAP)

REAP is a special program for academically high-performing and highly motivated first-year students.  Students selected for the program will spend the summer after their first year exploring their academic interests and developing their ability to pursue projects under the supervision of a UNH faculty member.  REAP will prepare students for advanced research, scholarly, or creative work, including research opportunities sponsored by the Hamel Center, the senior thesis, and other capstone experiences. 

Fellowship: $4000 stipend for 10 weeks full-time summer research, $600 for research expenses
Eligibility requirements:  Students must have completed at least one full semester (fall) of UNH coursework at the time of application, and must be nominated by the instructor of one of their completed fall semester courses.  Minimum UNH GPA of 3.8 at time of application.

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INCO 590: Student Research Experience, INCO 790: Advanced Research Experience

These variable credit courses allow undergraduates to explore topics of interest by assisting faculty mentors with teaching and research activities.  INCO 590 (credit/fail) is designed as an entry-level experience to assist students in developing research skills and to prepare them for more advanced research.  INCO 790 (graded) is designed as an advanced-level experience, for students who are conducting more advanced research and applying research skills they already have developed.  Support for research expenses up to $200 is available.

Credits: 1–4 credits per semester; 8 credits maximum (INCO 590 + INCO 790 combined) for bachelor’s degree
Eligibility requirements:  Students may be enrolled in a UNH associate or baccalaureate degree program

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Undergraduate Research Awards (URAs)

URAs are awarded to students who wish to conduct research in the U.S. during the academic year (including January Term), or in the summer. If you plan to pursue research for academic credit, you may apply to the Hamel Center for an expense award only. If you don’t need or desire academic credit for your research project, you may also apply to the Hamel Center for a stipend to support the time spent working on the research project.  

Maximum award: $1200 stipend, $600 for research expenses
Eligibility requirements: Minimum 2.0 cumulative UNH GPA

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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) USA

SURF USA grants support 10 weeks of full-time summer research at various locations in the U.S. The grants may also support research that contributes to a senior project or thesis.

Fellowship: $4000 stipend, $600 for research expenses
Eligibility requirements: Minimum 3.0 cumulative UNH GPA, at least sophomore status

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SURF for Interdisciplinary Teams (SURF IT)

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships for Interdisciplinary Teams (SURF IT) support interdisciplinary, team-based research in any discipline.  The program is designed to bring together teams of undergraduates from different departments or colleges to study a complex problem. Together, teams pose a research question, design an integrated approach through the lens of their respective disciplines, and analyze their findings/results to yield a unified conclusion.  A fall workshop and spring INCO 590 course will prepare students for 10 weeks of full-time summer research.

Fellowship: Up to $15,000 total (stipends + research expenses) depending on team size
Eligibility requirements: 2-4 UNH undergraduates with minimum 3.0 cumulative UNH GPA & at least sophomore status at time of application. Team members must be from different majors (preference is different colleges). All team members must complete interdisciplinary research team training (INCO 590) in the spring semester, in preparation for the summer research.

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International Research Opportunities Program (IROP)

IROP grants support 9 weeks of full-time summer research in diverse settings abroad.

Average award:  $6300 (varies based on research and travel expenses)
Eligibility requirements: Minimum 3.0 cumulative UNH GPA, at least junior status

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Research Presentation Grants

These grants support conference registration fees and travel expenses (not including meals and lodging) for students who are presenting their research findings at conferences and professional meetings beyond UNH.

Award: varies
Eligibility requirements: Student must be presenting on research conducted while an undergraduate at UNH; must have received written notice of acceptance to present at an off-campus conference.

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