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Inquiry offers undergraduate researchers in all the disciplines at the University the opportunity to communicate their experiences and results to general as well as academic audiences worldwide—the final and very important step in the research process. 

  • o'neil

    The Fall 2021 issue is now online!

    Research briefs are the focus of the first-ever fall issue of Inquiry. Read concise accounts of research projects completed by current undergraduates and recent alumni.

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  • mercer

    Becoming a Researcher During the Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic upended Samuel’s original research plans, but adapting to a completely virtual format was a catalyst for deep learning about the nature of research and its rewards.

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  • mannesto sorting cards

    The Power of Observation

    Jennika’s interest in human behavior and child development grew from informal observations of people at the store to developing her own behavior coding scheme and producing original results.

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  • Remote Sensing and Rivers

    Daniel Okuniewicz investigates how high-resolution data gathered remotely can inform hydrologists about the potential for flooding and erosion in New England rivers.

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mannesto sorting cards

Research Briefs

The fall issue of Inquiry, devoted to research briefs, is now online!