Faculty Mentor Eligibility

The following are eligible without prior approval:

  • Tenure-track faculty members at UNH and UNHM
  • Non-tenure track faculty at UNH, including research faculty, clinical faculty, and extension faculty with an appointment within an academic department/program

Other mentors may be eligible with prior approval (see below). Students planning to work with mentors who will require prior approval should contact the Hamel Center director (paul.tsang@unh.edu) before submitting an application.

Mentors requiring prior approval of the Hamel Center director and the mentor’s department chair, extension director, or program leader (as appropriate):

  • UNH lecturers; adjunct, affiliate, and visiting faculty
  • UNH research scientists
  • Extension specialists without an academic department/program affiliation

Mentors requiring prior approval of the Hamel Center director and the student’s UNH faculty mentor:

Additional Notes about Mentor Eligibility and Availability

  • Eligibility for all mentors also assumes the mentor’s availability  to work with the student researcher throughout the entire undergraduate research process – i.e. availability not only during the actual research period, but also before the research begins (to assist with project design and proposal writing) and after  the research has been completed (to assist with analysis of final results and presentation of research).  Faculty mentors whose availability may be compromised (e.g., by sabbatical leave, extensive travel/absence, a new job/position or relocation) should contact the Hamel Center director before the application deadline in order to determine eligibility.
  • For summer undergraduate research programs, we strongly encourage faculty members to mentor no more than two student projects per summer (REAP, SURF, IROP, and/or summer Undergraduate Research Awards combined), to ensure that individual students receive sufficient guidance and supervision for their research. For faculty mentors who believe they have a strong rationale for mentoring more than two student projects per summer, please contact the Hamel Center director before the application deadline.