Student FAQs

What is the URC?

The annual UNH URC spotlights the research, scholarly, and creative projects of undergraduates from all of UNH's schools and colleges, and features symposia, events, performances, and awards. The conference gives students a venue for the important final step in any research, scholarly, or creative project: presenting the results to a broad audience. With more than twenty events and over 2,000 presenters, the UNH URC is one of the largest and most diverse conferences of its kind in the nation, showcasing student work from disciplines across the academic spectrum, from history and music, to engineering, microbiology, and more.

Why should I present at the URC?

Presenting at the URC lets you put the finishing touch on your research, scholarly, or creative project. You'll prepare your findings and present them before a wide audience of faculty, administrators, friends, and family.  In the process, you'll gain valuable professional skills for your career or continued education. In a recent survey of URC participants, 93% of students ranked their URC experience as one of the top 10 most rewarding aspects of their UNH education.

Who "sponsors" the URC?

Although the URC does not have one specific sponsor, the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research serves as the administrative office for the URC, working together with a campus-wide collaborative network of UNH Community members who bring the conference to fruition each year. Visit URC Community to view the numerous individuals and organizations making active contributions to the URC.

Who attends the URC?

Faculty, fellow students, parents and other family, friends, the general UNH community, alumni, the general public, and visitors from local and regional business communities and government offices.

Where can I view a list of who and what was presented at the URC?

URC Program Booklets are available by visiting the URC Archives. The program lists student presenters, presentation title and faculty adviser by event in chronological order.  To see samples of previous URC presentations, you can also visit the URC Collection in the UNH Scholars' Repository

Do I need to be a senior to register? Can I register as a graduate student?

Any undergraduate student -- from first year to senior -- is welcome to register and present. Graduate students can be part of the research team, but the primary research must be presented by an undergraduate student. If you are a graduate student wishing to present, please consider registering for the UNH Graduate Research Conference (GRC).

What are the costs to register and to present for the URC?

There is no registration fee for URC. However, if you are presenting a poster or PowerPoint oral presentation, costs for the production and/or printing of your presentation materials are the responsibility of the student presenter. For resources and assistance, visit Presentation Help.

Who do I talk to about presenting at the URC?

For questions about your research or discipline, consult your faculty research adviser. For questions about a specific URC event, contact the event coordinator(s) listed on the Calendar of Events. For general questions, contact the URC.

What types of research do students present?

Refer to the URC Program Booklet and the URC Winners of Awards of Excellence from past years in URC Archives. To see samples of previous URC presentations, visit the URC Collection in the UNH Scholars' Repository. 

Do I have to complete my research by the March registration deadline?

No, your research does not have to be completed in order to register for the URC. Registration opens during the first week in December and closes during the first week in March. Research and presentation materials (poster, oral, film, paper, performance or other format) must be completed in time for presentation at the event for which you register – see the Calendar of Events for dates, location and times of events.

Do I register myself or does my professor register for me?

Students are encouraged to register themselves. If you are uncertain, talk to your faculty research adviser about who will be registering your presentation. Registration is free and takes only minutes to do. Please note: only COLSA students may register for the COLSA URC.

What if my research project is the work of more than one student? Do we register separately? How many names are allowed?

Yes, you can register more than one name (or "presenter") per presentation. The registration database can accommodate multiple presenters for one presentation, however only one student from the team must be designated to input registration information for the entire group. This student designee will provide specific information about each presenter – i.e., name, user name (IT ID), status/class, major, hometown and home state, presentation title and faculty research advisor.

How do I know which event to register for?

Students who are interested in presenting at more than one venue are strongly encouraged to consider presenting at The All Colleges Undergraduate Research Symposium and/or the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (ISE) Symposium. You can consult your faculty research adviser on the variety of events available. Visit Event Descriptions for details.

Can I register for more than one event? Can I register for events at UNH Manchester and UNH Durham?

Yes, you can register for more than one event, at either or both campuses – Durham or Manchester. Review FAQ above, check with your faculty research adviser, and review the Event Descriptions for details.

Where can I get help with a poster or PowerPoint presentation?

Visit Presentation Help for guidance on creating posters. There you can view a gallery of posters, a list of printing resources, and campus consultation services for oral presentations.

How do I know I entered all my information correctly?

You will receive a confirmation email after you submit your registration. Please carefully review all the information you entered, as it will be used in all communications and the printed URC Program Booklet. Your faculty research adviser(s) will also receive a copy of this registration confirmation email.

I want to change my final presentation title or edit my personal information. Do I have the ability to edit my registration information?

You will not be able to edit your registration record once your registration has been finalized. To request changes, please contact the URC.

How do I invite my family and friends to watch me present at the URC?

It's simple – just click URC Email Invitation, log on and use the electronic invitation to send email invitations to as many friends, family, professors and other guests as you wish.