COLA Profiles


Name Project Major
Isabelle Beagen Henrik Ibsen and the Effects His Work Had on the Life of Eleanor Marx Anthropology
Benjamin Bertrand Swords and Society: The Depiction of Straight and Curved Swords in Illuminated Manuscripts from Europe and the Middle East from 1200 - 1500 History
Riley Boss Preserving a Lost Village: LiDAR Analysis and Ground-Truthing Residual Foundations from the Great Flood of 1938 in East Weare, New Hampshire Anthropology
Andrew Case Threading a Needle Through the Notch: An Environmental History of Construction of Interstate 93 in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire History
John Degennaro Documenting British Colonialism and African Slave History in the Belize Valley: Archaeology and Ethnohistory Anthropology
Hannah Drake Ten Weeks of Storytelling: A Journey through Fiction Writing English & International Affairs
Megan Duranko Behavioral and Biological Markers Underlying Vulnerability to Heroin Abuse Psychology
Bridget Farmer Broadcast Media and Presidential Candidates: A Panel Study of Voters’ Reactions to TV and Radio Coverage of Senator Barack Obama Political Science/International Affairs
Jolene Harju The Balanced Flutist: A Study of the Benefits of Body Mapping on Flute Performance Music Performance
Erin Hart Behavioral and Biological Markers Underlying Vulnerability to Heroin Abuse Psychology
Joseph Juknievich  Explorations in Archival Research: The History of Immigrants and the Law History
Jennifer Lamontagne Revival, Renewing Contemporary Religious Art through the Figure Studio Art
Jack Loveless The Tales that Rocks Can Tell Geology
Nadine Maliakkal Parental Legitimacy as a Mediator in the Relation between Parenting Styles and Bullying Perpetration Psychology
Cory McKenzie A Query into the Survival of the Russian Orthodox Church under Soviet Repression History
Andrew Minigan The Reminiscence Bump in Priests’ Oral Life Histories Psychology
Tejas Moses The Study of Form and Decoration in Functional Pottery Fine Arts: Ceramics & Sustainability
Rory O'Neil Targeting Infrastructure in the Middle East: Environment, Conflict, and Law Political Science & International Affairs
David Palange Your Loving Sons: American Warfare through the Eyes of New England Soldiers History
Jon Peiffer "Wild Things": Creating the Music for the 2005 Dance Company Show Music Performance
Melanie Platt New Hampshire Language and Life Project Linguistics
Gordon Unzen The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Criminal Law Justice Studies/Philosophy/Psychology
Dylan Wheeler The Ability for Artificial Intelligence to Create and Spread Disinformation Philosophy/Information Technology



Name Project Major
Kelly Bailey Perceptions of Shell Shock in World War I Britain Psychology
Anna Bruning Euskal Herria, A Filmic Exploration of Basque Identity Communication
Daniel Chaston The Morin Huur and its Place in Mongolian History and Culture Music Education
Talia Connery Using the Arts in AIDS education Nursing
Virginia DeFreitas-Battersby The Barriers Between the Kitchen and the Campaign: Women & Politics in San Jose, Costa Rica Political Science
Brendan Everett Assessment of Training with vOICe Vision Technology over Time Psychology/Pre-Med
Bridget Farmer Laïcité in France (IROP 2009) Political Science/International Affairs
Christopher Foss Stile Italiano: Bassoon Performance and Pedagogy in Italia Music Performance
Brett Gallo Rhythmic Perception in West African Music Music Theory
Jacqueline Gilbert Cuba’s Water Crisis: Drought, Climate Change, and Decision-making Around Cuba’s Limited Water Resources Anthropology/International Affairs
Sarah Gormady Bolshevik Intention to Soviet Oppression: Jewish Women's Impressions of Stalin's Reign International Affairs/ Political Science
Elizabeth Keane The Aran Islands: Where Synge's Literary Account Intersects My Familial History English
Hannah Lawrence Women’s Rights in Post-Mubarak Egypt Political Science & Justice Studies
Jennifer Lindsay Contemporary Art with Chinese Characteristics: Relations Between Beijing Artists and the Chinese Government Post-1989 Studio Art/International Affairs
Isobel Madigan The Socio-Cultural Effects of Architectural Change in Sri Lanka Anthropology
Trevor Mauck Morocco: Transition from an Islamic Monarchy to a Democratic Islamic Nation Political Science/Philosophy
Andrew McKernan Ghosts of Stalin: Ruins and Revival in Contemporary Sculpture & Architecture in Moscow Russian/Linguistics
Crystal Napoli Justice in Taiwan’s "Contact Zone" and the Shaping of Historical Narrative History & Justice Studies
Austin Perea Small, Mid-sized Enterprise (SME) Development and Microfinance in Jordan Political Science/Economics
Laura Plummer Investigating Quinceañera in Puerto Rico Spanish/International Affairs
Alexandra Ross-Raymond Investigating Paula Modersohn-Becker’s Self Portraits Studio Art/Women's Studies
Laura Smetana Perspectives in Post-Communist Slovakia Political Science/ International Affairs
Katherine Titus Examination of Late Chalcolithic Juvenile Human Remains at Çadir Hӧyük in Central Turkey Anthopology & History
Anna Visciano An Educational Youth Drama Program Implemented Cross-Culturally in America and South Africa Anthropology
Hannah Waller Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Societies: A Case Study of Bosnia-Herzegovina Political Science/International Affairs
Jessie Wallner Finding Tibet in the Heart of Nepal Anthropology
Andrew Ware Distributional Implications of the Development of Artificial Intelligence for Global Policy Philosophy & Economics
Merhawi Wells-Bogue The Role of Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations in Addressing the Needs of Street Children: The Case in Mekelle City, Ethiopia Journalism
Daniel Zotos The Practices and Policies Associated with the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fishery in Spain: Perpetuating a Majestic Species amongst the Political Quandary of Fisheries Management Policy Political Science/International Affairs