Trevor Mauck

Morocco: Transition from an Islamic Monarchy to a Democratic Islamic Nation

Mauck Trevor Mauck, a senior pursuing a dual major in political science and philosophy, went to Morocco over the summer to research the country's transition from an Islamic monarchy to a democratic nation. Upon arrival, he quickly realized that a true democratic foundation does not yet exist, so he re-focused his study on developing a thorough understanding of the opposition parties as they lead up to the September elections. "I feel as though an understanding of the actual role played by the opposition parties will expose the democratic facade and make for an interesting analysis," he said.

While in Morocco, Trevor traveled to the Sahara Desert, Marrakech, Rabat, and Tangiers; attended a Sufi Islam religious ceremony; and rode camels through the sand dunes. In addition, he taught the locals English in exchange for some help improving his French. He described Marrakech as "a very exciting city, full of snake charmers, acrobats, and monkey handlers."

Trevor published an article about his research experience in the 2008 edition of Inquiry. He also received the Erskine Mason Award, an annual student award that goes to the "senior who is distinguished for most consistent progress and achievement." After completing his undergraduate and graduate studies at UNH, Trevor entered law school at New York University, where he is specializing in international human rights law.