Anna Visciano

America and South Africa

During the summer of 2007, anthropology major Anna Visciano traveled to the Western Cape of South Africa to observe how a self-designed educational drama program would vary when applied in different cultures. She designed the activities and games that made up the program with a dual purpose: 1) to benefit those involved; and 2) to incorporate the core curriculum of each of the classrooms. For example, when the students were learning about the different speeds of molecules in liquids, gases, and solids, she introduced an activity where the students acted like the different types of molecules, allowing them to understand science in a new and unique way. Anna developed the drama program while in the U.S. and first used it at the Woodman Park school in Dover, where she and the students made a quilt to bring to her students in South Africa.

After finishing her research project, Anna spent some time backpacking and going on Safari. She presented her research at the fall 2007 IROP symposium.

Anna Visciano

Anna with her students at the Thembelitsha Primary School in Knysna, South Africa

Anna Visciano with students at Woodman Park

Woodman Park students display the quilt they sent with Anna to South Africa.