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Software to help students read, write, study and do research. 
Available on all UNH Campus Cluster computers.
Campus-license also allows  UNH students/faculty/staff to download this program onto their personal
Windows or Mac computer.   Download Instructions

Read&Write Toolbar


The Read&Write software program supports college students with reading, writing, studying and research skills. This program provides a "floating toolbar" with over 20 useful tools that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft applications, PDF files, e-mail, Internet browsers, and other software programs.  

A few key features include:

  • Text-to-Speech -- allows you to listen to your text read aloud as the words are highlighted for easy tracking. This can be done in Word documents, PDF files,  e-mail or on the web.  Great for improving reading comprehension and for proofreading your written assignments.
  • Speech Maker -- allows you to convert a text document to an audio file for mobile listening.  This can be beneficial for commuters, athletes, and anyone who prefers listening and/or struggles with reading print.
  • Speech Input -- integrates with Windows built-in speech recognition and allows you to use your voice to write instead of your keyboard.
  • Dictionary -- allows you to simply select any word on the screen and access the definition without losing your place.
  • Highlighting and Research Tools -- facilitate active reading by allowing you to collect and extract color highlighting to gather information for written assignments and research papers or to create personalized study sheets.
  • Scan / OCR tool -- easily convert print materials from a scanner or image PDF files to searchable Word, PDF or HTML format.
  • Translator -- Simply translate a single word to one of 50 languages, or use the Paragraph translation option in the drop-down menu to select whole paragraphs to translate into the language of your choice. Note: You must be online to use this feature.

Texthelp Read&Write resources:

For more information about the specific features of this product, check out these resources:

Contact Maureen Bourbeau, the Assistive Technology Specialist with SAS, to schedule an appointment for a demonstration/training in the Assistive Technology Lab at 201 Smith Hall at (603) 862-2400 or for assistance with installation/troubleshooting questions.