Academic Assistance at UNH

SAS is just one part of your academic success at UNH...

 Additional Strategies and Resources:

  • The first and best place to seek help is with your course Professor. Visit the professor's office hours (usually announced in the first class and published on the course syllabus), or schedule an appointment. Discuss your experience in the course and options for improving your mastery of the material. 
  •  Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic concerns.
  •  If the course has a teaching assistant (commonly referred to as the TA), ask where, when, and how you can talk with the TA for course related assistance.
  • Talk to other students in the course. Try to find a study partner or get a group of students together to study on a regular basis. 
  • Tutoring -- students on campus may offer private fee-based tutoring.  Look for postings in and around the department of the course you are seeking help in.   You can also post your own "Tutor Wanted" advertisement.  Ask the department administrator for permission to post it.  You might also ask if they know of anyone in the major or in a graduate program in the department who offers tutoring.  Bulletin boards near the student mailboxes at the MUB may also be a good place to post your advertisement.

    Free resources on campus include:

  • While DSS does not provide tutoring services, we will help students utilize existing resources and work with students to address particular needs and how to be most effective.  

  • For assistance with learning strategies, study skills, and organization/time management,  contact The Center for Academic Resources (CFAR).

  • For more information or training on using assistive technology tools, contact the  Assistive Technology Lab at SAS.

For a comprehensive list that includes links to non-academic student resources at UNH, see the  UNH Student & Academic Services Resources page.