Honors in Discovery

Students in the University Honors Program take 16 credits of Honors Discovery Courses.

These credits are composed of 1) an Honors Inquiry Seminar; 2) an Honors Symposium; and 3) 8 additional credits of Honors Discovery coursework of your choosing.

4 credits: Honors Inquiry Seminar Requirement

Honors Students must take One Honors Inquiry Seminar.

  • Seminars are small, highly-interactive and research-oriented.
  • Each semester the Honors Program offers a new group of seminars in which timely special topics cover a wide range of disciplines. When you see one that interests you—take it!  It may not come around again.
  • In order to develop a strong sense of UNH as a community of learners, we strongly encourage you to take your Honors seminar during your first year.
  • Most Honors Seminars have the course number 444. See our Seminar list here.

4 Credits: Honors Symposium Requirement

Honors Students must take One Honors Symposium.

  • Symposia are made up of four or five small seminars from different departments, but united by a common theme: global health or racial justice, for instance.
  • Each contributing seminar approaches the theme from a different angle, using the tools of a particular discipline.
  • Several times during the semester, the seminars join together for a “plenary session,” in which the large group of students, with their different perspectives, shares in a common academic experience.
  • Each Symposium course has the course number 440. See our Symposium List here.

8 credits: Other Honors Discovery Courses

Honors sections: Honors versions of classes that are also found in the general curriculum, such as First-Year Writing or Intro to Psychology. They usually enroll 24-30 students.

Honors labs/lectures/recitations: Some science courses offer one or more parts of the course as Honors. For example, a biology student may attend a general lecture but have a lab section that is restricted to Honors students.

Honors-designated courses: Only one Honors-designated course may be used toward the Honors Discovery requirement. Students may make an agreement with their professor to complete Honors-level work within a general course. This "wildcard" option offers increased choice and flexibility for Honors Students. An “Honors-designated course” need not be part of the Discovery program. It may be any course that is offered in person on the normal semester schedule.