The Honors Degree

The Honors Degree
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With an abundance of carefully-designed classes and symposia, and a wide-selection of experiences and opportunities, UNH Honors Students are in the driver’s seat.

The path to honors.

The Honors Program encourages students to take ownership of their academic “journey.” Your Honors education begins with the Honors version of the University’s Discovery Program. “Honors Discovery courses” are intimate, highly-participatory classes, designed for students who embrace academic challenge.

Here, the road diverges for our Honors Students. Students may choose to complete their University Honors experience with Interdisciplinary Honors or Departmental Honors. The former emphasizes high-impact academic experiences beyond the classroom walls, while the latter emphasizes in-depth study in your chosen field. Finally, all Honors Students end their journey with the completion of an Honors Thesis.
Honors Requirements


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Honors Courses

The honors program has a wide variety of courses that allow students to challenge themselves. From small discussion-based courses to the symposia “supercourses”, there are plenty of options to enrich your curriculum!

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