Discovery Flex Option

While a large number of courses have been approved to fulfill the University's Discovery requirements, Honors students may sometimes want to pursue other courses that, while meeting the necessary learning outcomes, have not been approved as Discovery courses. Most often, this will be because Discovery courses are offered at the introductory level; an Honors student might prefer to take an upper-level course in the field instead. For example, a student might fulfill the Historical Perspectives requirement by taking a 600-level History course--and be able to use that course toward a History minor or double major, in addition to fulfilling the Discovery requirement.

Please note that Discovery flex courses do not count toward the Honors requirements. Instead, they are offered to Honors students in order to provide more flexibility and self-direction in their curricula. 

To propose a flex course, you will need: 

  • A syllabus for the course (request it from the instructor or department administrator)
  • Justification for why the course will meet the Learning Outcomes for the desired category
  • Your advisor's approval
  • The ability to register for the course. If a course has prerequisites, you will need to have met them. If it is restricted to students from particular colleges or majors,  you will need permission from the instructor or department to override these restrictions.

Use the form linked below to propose your desired course. Proposals will be reviewed by the Discovery Committee to ensure that all required learning outcomes are met.
Proposal Form