Scholarships and Awards

Hamel Scholars Program

The Hamel Scholars Program was founded in 2007. It provides merit scholarships and special recognition to exceptional students from New Hampshire who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and community service.

Funded through gifts from Dana Hamel, a long-time UNH supporter, the programs seek to help students develop their full potential and become active, engaged leaders in communities throughout the state after graduating from UNH.

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UNH Merit Scholarships

Students who are admitted into the University Honors Program usually receive merit scholarships from UNH. Honors Program admission does not in itself carry a scholarship, but the admission criteria into Honors match those for several merit scholarships. More information can be found on the Admissions website.

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Scholarships Awarded Annually

The Honors Program administers several scholarships endowed by generous donors. Qualifying Honors students are invited to apply for these awards each spring. Eligible students (members of the University Honors Program who are at least in their second year of college) are contacted with application instructions in the Spring semester.

  • Martin Levins '54 Endowment
    • For out-of-state students
  • Class of '33 Endowment
    • For NH residents
  • Temple Beth Israel Scholarship
    • For students of at least sophomore status who are active participants in, or satisfy the membership requirements of, the University Student Organization Hillel. Student must have financial need.
  • Holly Peterson Breeden '73 Scholarship Fund
    • For College of Liberal Arts students with financial need
  • Hamel Scholarship
    • For rising Juniors with records of exceptional service, leadership, and academic achievement. Recipients participate in the Hamel Scholar Program.
  • Bill and Becky McGee Endowed Scholarship
    • For residents of New Hampshire and Maine who have made contributions to the University Honors Program and its community
  • Edna O. Brown Fund
    • For students with outstanding academic achievement
  • Cogswell Scholarship
    • For students with outstanding academic achievement
  • Harry Evans Scholarship
    • For students with outstanding academic achievement
  • Class of '31 Merit Scholarship
    • For students with outstanding academic achievement
  • Nathan Thatcher Ulrich Scholarship
    • For rising Juniors, based on financial need or merit

Research Awards

Honors Research Awards

Honors students in good standing can apply for a small stipend from the Honors Program to support research (including project expenses, travel for conferences, etc.) The Honors Committee will award up to $100/day for up to 5 days of travel, or up to $500 for project expenses, depending on availability of funds and project needs.

To apply, please email with the following:

  • A cover letter explaining the project and your need
  • A budget
    • Include anticipated expenses as well as other funding sources

The Honors Committee will review applications on a rolling basis.


The Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research

Many Honors students apply for and receive research funding from the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research. Hamel Center opportunities are available to students across all disciplines and at all levels of undergraduate education (first through senior years); for all types of research (research, scholarly, and creative projects); at both domestic and foreign sites; and for both large and small projects (including group projects and interdisciplinary projects).

One funded research experience is available to students as early as the summer after their first year. REAP, or Research Experience and Apprenticeship Programis an apprenticeship experience designed for academically high-performing and highly motivated first-year students. The REAP experience will provide a fast-track for talented students, enabling them to explore topics of interest, prepare for advanced work in their field, and develop a close academic and professional relationship with a faculty member.

To be considered for the Hamel Center’s REAP program, students must first be nominated by the instructor of one of their fall semester courses. REAP students spend 10 weeks during the summer working with a faculty mentor. They explore topics of interest, develop a foundation of knowledge in their field of study, and learn more about the approaches, theories, methodologies, and techniques employed by faculty in their own work.

Students accepted into the REAP program are awarded a $3,500 fellowship for 10 weeks of full-time summer work, and up to $600 for expenses associated with the project.



University Awards

Each year many Honors students are nominated for University-wide student awards. 

The Honors Students who have won University awards this academic year are featured on our homepage.

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The Honors Program works with the Office of National Fellowships to help students apply for prestigious national awards. 

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