Student Leadership Organizations

Student Honors Advisory Board (SHAB)

The Student Honors Advisory Board supports and improves implementation of the educational and community goals of the University Honors Program. SHAB is comprised of a representative from each College.

To fulfill its mission, SHAB solicits community feedback and identifies issues of concern for the Honors Student body. SHAB keeps the Honors Program Team informed about student concerns and provides critical feedback when the Honors Program needs a student sounding board. Similarly, SHAB keeps the Honors Student population abreast of academic and administrative changes in the Honors Program.

Additionally, SHAB serves as a peer resource for current Honors Students and assists with outreach to and support of new and prospective Honors Students.

The 2022-23 Academic Year Board:

Liliana Vornehm

Liliana Vornehm '25- COLSA
Community and Environmental Planning



Emily Lynch

Emily Lynch '24- PAUL
Business Administration: Accounting


Ethan O'Leary

Ethan O'Leary '24- CHHS
Recreation Management and Policy: Outdoor Leadership & Management

Ginger Schoff

Ginger Schoff '25- COLA
Political Science



Dasha Piotrowski

Dasha Piotrowski '25- CEPS



Honors Undergraduate Social Committee (HUSC) designs and implements fun social events for the entire Honors Student community.

Anyone is welcome to join and contribute their ideas to this low-commitment but super fun group.

In Fall 2022, HUSC meetings are held Sundays, 5-6pm, Dimond Library 221A

HUSC is a brand new organization and needs your energy and creativity!  Current organizers have discussed scheduling a T-Hall Tower Tour and a big group hiking trip in the near future. HUSC also hopes to offer treats and other diversions for study breaks during exam periods. What are your ideas? 

Contact one of our current co-leaders if you're interested in participating in HUSC.

Emma Kostyun


Emma Kostyun '25
Journalism & Spanish

Gabriella Chianese


Gabriella Chianese '24
Biomedical Science & Political Science

Other Community Programs

Engagement Meet-Ups (EMUs) for Incoming Students

In Summer 2022, EMU revels in the mostly-post-COVID luxury of in-person gatherings and will offer a number of meetups for our incoming first-year students. Watch your email for ways to connect with your incoming cohort with low-key, no-stress, Honors-style fun. Upper-level Honors Students-- our EMU Leaders-- will be on hand to answer all of your UNH, Honors, and general college-related questions. 

Applications for EMU Leaders are due in late April.

Honors Decompression Pods

**Program on Hold**

Honors Decompression Pods are mixed-class groups of students who get together periodically in-person or virtually to engage in activities and discussions that will help them "decompress," share ideas, resources, and support each other during the academic year. Pod activities have included yoga, movie nights, and walks/runs in College Woods. HUSC leaders are always open to hearing Honors Students' suggestions for Decompression Pod activities.

Virtual Discussion Assistants

**Program on Hold**

Discussion Assistants (DAs) are Honors Students paid by the Honors Program to assist our faculty who are instructing online or hybrid courses. The needs of individual faculty members vary, but DAs might help on the technological front by moderating Zoom chat during class, assisting with digital projects, or editing and posting videos; they might also assist with interpersonal needs like tracking attendance and participation, or identifying students who might be struggling.
DAs are hired before the start of classes each semester and work a maximum of 50 hours per semester.