Interdisciplinary Honors

If you select Interdisciplinary Honors, your program will be composed of three academic experiences beyond the classroom walls. We call these “Honors high-impact experiences.” Honors staff will support and guide you as you design a program that epitomizes experiential learning, and helps you ask and seek answers to the questions that truly motivate you.

Here are some examples of pre-approved Honors Enrichment Experiences you might enjoy if you select Interdisciplinary Honors:


We encourage students to be creative in designing their Honors high-impact experiences. Students may submit a proposal to have experiences not on the above list approved to count toward Interdisciplinary Honors.

Experiences such as the Winant Fellowship, certain internships, or service experiences can be approved if they include regular meetings with a UNH faculty member to situate the experience in an academic context. 

In order to be approved, these experiences must:

  1. Contribute to a student’s academic development (in addition to career preparation or other benefits to be gained from the experience). Academic experiences include research and/or analysis
  2. Be overseen by a UNH faculty or staff member to whom the student is accountable
  3. Be comparable in scale and time commitment to at least a two-credit course, which is to say approximately 80 to 90 hours in total, which can include preparation time for the experience as well as the experience itself

Some examples that would require a proposal include but are not limited to:

  • Work with fellow students and faculty to address a community problem
  • Service experiences with an academic focus
  • Internships that advance both academic and professional development, such as through the Global Racial and Social Inequality Lab
  • Experiences abroad of less than 8 weeks
  • Grants or fellowships not listed on the pre-approved fellowships list
  • Extensive and/or successful participation in competitions such as the Holloway Competition

In order to submit a proposal for an Honors high-impact experience, students can go to the University Honors Program Canvas page. Within this page is an Interdisciplinary Honors module, and the 'proposal for pre-approval for a high-impact experience' is listed as a quiz. Review of each experience is done carefully and with attention to the specifics of each person's particular circumstances. If you have questions, please reach out to