Departmental Honors

Departmental Honors offers students the opportunity to create a specialized curriculum within upper-level courses in their major. Find your major for specific requirements and contact information for your Honors Liaison--the person who oversees Honors in your major. 

Major Requirements Contact
Bioengineering Xiaowei Teng - Kingsbury Hall W317
Chemical Engineering Xiaowei Teng - Kingsbury Hall W317
Chemistry TBD
Civil Engineering Jennifer Jacobs - Gregg Hall 240
Computer Science Arvind Narayan - Kingsbury Hall W239
Earth Sciences Jo Laird - James Hall 214 (Dept. Office)
Earth/ENSC: Hydrology Michael Palace - James Hall 214 (Dept. Office)
Electrical & Computer Engineering Se Young Yoon - Kingsbury Hall W217
Environmental Engineering Weiwei Mo - Gregg Hall 334
Information Technology Arvind Narayan - Kingsbury Hall W239

Adam Boucher - Kingsbury Hall W343

Mechanical Engineering Rob Swift - Kingsbury Hall W115
Ocean Engineering Rob Swift - Kingsbury Hall W115
Physics Joseph Dwyer - Morse Hall 309
Contact Katie Makem-Boucher - DeMeritt Hall 237A

Major Requirements Contact

Amy Michael - Huddleston Hall 

Studio Art and Art History Ivo Van der Graaff - Paul Creative Arts Center
Classics Harriet Fertik - Murkland Hall 355
Communication Lin Zhang - Horton Social Sciences Center 145A
English Delia Konzett - Hamilton Smith Hall G03

Ileana Chirila - Murkland Hall 210B

Geography Tu Lan - Huddleston Hall 102
German Charles Vannette - Murkland Hall G10B
History Elizabeth Mellyn - Horton Social Sciences Center 407
Humanities Nicole Ruane - Murkland Hall 315
Italian Studies Anna Wainwright - Murkland Hall 316
Linguistics Rochelle Lieber - Hamilton Smith Hall 149P
Music/Music Education Rose Pruiksma - Paul Creative Arts Center
Neuroscience and Behavior Jill McGaughy - McConnell Hall 404F
Philosophy Subrena Smith - Hamilton Smith Hall 249T
Political Science Mary Fran Malone - Horton Social Science Center 
Contact Marcie Anderson - Horton Social Sciences Center 312 (Dept. Office)
Psychology Pablo Chavajay - McConnell Hall 436
Contact Susan Moore - McConnell Hall 438 (Dept. Office)
Russian TBD

Catherine Moran - McConnell Hall 330B
Contact Cammi Wagner- McConnell Hall 303 (Dept. Office)

Spanish Scott Weintraub - Murkland Hall 210F
Theater and Dance Assaf Benchetrit - Paul Creative Arts Center M311
Women's and Gender Studies Delia Konzett - Hamilton Smith G03

Major Requirements Contacts
Business Administration Brendan Scott - Paul College, Undergraduate Advising Office - 101
Economics Brendan Scott - Paul College, Undergraduate Advising Office - 101
Hospitality Management Brendan Scott - Paul College, Undergraduate Advising Office - 101

Departmental Honors without University Honors

Departmental Honors may be completed by any student with a qualifying GPA (see major-specific requirements above); membership in the University Honors Program is not required. Students outside the University Honors Program pursuing Departmental Honors should register here: