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Travel Restrictions

  • UNH policy prohibits student activities, undergraduate and graduate, in countries that the U.S. Department of State rates as Level 3: Reconsider Travel or Level 4: Do Not Travel.
  • No UNH credit or transfer credit will be awarded and financial aid is not available.
  • To review U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories, please consult https://travel.state.gov/.


To study abroad, you must submit the Study Away Eligibility Form to your Associate Dean's office the semester before you study abroad. This madatory form certifies that you meet the UNH Study Away Eligibility Policy criteria. It is part of your study abroad application.

Conduct / UNH Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities

The UNH Student Rights, Rules and Responsibilities applies to students while studying abroad. By electing to participate in a UNH-approved, UNH-exchange or UNH-managed program, students are obliged to uphold the expectations outlined in the UNH Student Rights, Rules and Responsibilities and to abide by the host institution rules and the laws governing the host country. More information is available in the Student Conduct & Study Abroad Programs: FAQs.

UNH Study Abroad Mandatory Fees

There is an administrative fee charged to all students who are registered for a UNH study abroad course. This fee maintains a student’s status as full time at UNH while taking courses abroad, ensures transfer of credits that can be applied towards UNH degree requirements, and if eligible allows for application of some financial aid. It also contributes to a broad range of services available to students before, during and after their program abroad. 

UNH Technology Fee (2022-2023): 

$ 107.00 per semester (approx. $ 54 in summer)

UNH Study Abroad Administration Fee* (2022-2023):

Summer/J-term/Spring break/Maymester:  $100
Semester UNH Managed and Exchange Programs:  $200
Semester UNH Approved Programs:  $300

*Students who are continuing on the same study abroad program in the same location for a consecutive term will not be charged the Study Abroad Administrative Fee the second time.

UNH International Travel ASSISTANCE AND Insurance Fee (2021-2022):

Less than 2 weeks:  $35
Between 2 - 10 weeks: $70
Semesterprograms:  $150

Graduate Students

Research-related activities (not for credit): No fees
Credit bearing UNH coursework: International Travel Assistance and Insurance Fee applies.
Formal UNH-Approved, Managed or Exchange study abroad program: International Assistance and Insurance Fee and Study Abroad Administration Fee apply.

If a student withdraws from a study abroad program, the UNH Study Abroad Administration fee will be reduced according to the UNH withdrawal schedule of tuition and mandatory fees found online at https://www.unh.edu/business-services/polnproc. The UNH International Travel Assistance and Insurance Fee will not be refunded once the student has departed from the United States.

Transfer of Credit

  • Only a course with a grade of C (or its equivalent) or better will be accepted for transfer credit from another institution.
  • Credit will not be awarded for courses that review or repeat those taken at UNH or another institution per the University’s Repeated Course Rule.
  • You may transfer credit from another institution that has a UNH-approved study abroad program. The grade received in transferred course work will appear on your official transcript, but will not affect the UNH grade point average.
  • Credit will not be awarded for language study which is part of a study abroad orientation.
  • A course taken for 3 semester hours at another institution will be worth 3 credits in transfer to UNH. Courses measured in quarter hours, term hours, or course units will be converted to semester hours to determine the UNH credit award. The conversion process may affect whether a course will meet UNH standards for General Education or major requirements. A course must be valued at least 3 semester hours to be used to satisfy general education, major, or minor credit and 2.5 semester credit hours to satisfy Discovery requirements.
  • Any UNH student who is ineligible for participation in a UNH Managed/UNH Exchange/UNH Approved study away program and who enrolls in a non-UNH study away program may not transfer credits earned in that program to his or her UNH degree.
  • If a student is abroad for 8 weeks or more, then the foreign culture general education requirement or Discovery World Cultures requirement is waived.

Individual Study Abroad Policy

If after reviewing all the UNH Managed, Approved and Exchange programs, you cannot find a program that meets your academic requirements, there are a few options:

  • Review them again because the options below involve significantly more individual work and responsibility.
  • Formally request to have a non-approved program granted a one-time approval by completing the Global Education Center Study Abroad One-time Approval Petition. Please see your study abroad advisor to start this process.
  • Officially withdraw from UNH for the semester or year abroad.
  • Programs that are less than four weeks in duration generally are not considered for a Study Abroad One-time Approval Petition. Learn more about short-term study abroad.

Study Abroad Following or During Health Withdrawals

Students are prohibited from participation on a study away program while withdrawn for health reasons or during their first semester following a health withdrawal. Exceptions to this policy will be granted only for unusual circumstances by the Academic Standards and Advising Committee, upon consultation with Education Abroad or National Student Exchange, Health Services, and the Associate Dean of the student’s college. For more information contact the Associate Dean of the student’s college or the Global Education Center.


If you live on campus prior to your semester abroad, it is important that you petition to be released from your housing contract. It is also important that if you plan to return to on-campus UNH Housing after your semester abroad that you fill out the appropriate paperwork. This off-campus housing link provides a list of resources to help you determine and prepare for housing arrangements off campus after your study abroad experience.