UNH Departmental Bike Program

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Are you interested in a bike program for your department? 
In 2018,  Facilities established a pilot bike program designed to introduce and normalize bikes as university fleet vehicles.  This program has gained leadership and institutional support and has been vetted by both Human Resources and Legal Counsel.  

Goals of the Program

EXPAND  - staff mobility-efficiency                 IMPROVE  - health and morale
REDUCE  - motor vehicle reliance                  ENHANCEcommunity bike cultures
                        on-site parking demands
                        operational costs 
-Read the FAQ and attend an information session
-Demonstrate department sponsorship and resources
-Purchase UNH standard bike (s)
-Train Department riders (Staff/Faculty only)
-Ride, Enjoy and Track usage

Do you want to find out more?  Please contact Steve Pesci of Campus Planning (603)862-4207

Upcoming Information Session

Information session to be scheduled in August 2021, but if you are

interested in the Bike program now is the time to plan!   

Contact Steve Pesci to get rolling into the program 603-862-4207. 



The program currently has a fleet of 8 bikes with 40 trained participants. 

Steve Pesci
Ritzman Lab

Shelby Boynton
6 Leavitt Lane



Information Technology (IT)
Kelly Ducharme
Two Leavitt Lane

Above: The Information Technology (IT) Department Bike Pod