Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS)

The Facilities Campus Planning GIS Group utilizes Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to locate and map spatial information at the University of New Hampshire. The original base station was installed in 2005 but was replaced in August 2012 due to failure of the antennae. The GPS Base Station provides correction data for the UNH campus as well as regional users.

Station ID: NHUN


X Coordinate (m): 1521219.256

Latitude: 43° 8' 33.17927" N

Elevation Mask: 5 degrees

Y Coordinate (m): -4405923.961

Longitude: 070° 57' 6.86279" W

Logging Interval: 1 second

Z Coordinate (m): 4339076.588

Elevation (m, ellips): 9.116 Rollover 

Rollover Period: 1 hour


Geoid Height (m): -26.86



Coordinates displayed are on NAD83(CORS96) Datum. Orthometric Height is on NAVD88 datum.

Station Log
NGS-NHUN Information

The GPS Base Station was provided to the University by Keystone Precision Instruments and its partner Trimble Navigation Limited.

Trimble Logo Keystone Logo

Receiver: Trimble NetR9
Antenna: Zephyr Geodetic 2 RoHS

Station Photos (Click to enlarge):

View facing North View facing East View facing South
View facing East [View of antenna and mount on building View of antenna and mount
Serial number of antenna Overall view of mount and antenna Receiver set up


Station Administrator: 
Samuel Lingeman