2017 Awards of Excellence

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Faculty Adviser

Title of Presentation

ALL COLLEGES Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 21, 2017 - Oral Session A
Kelsey Nicholson Senior History & Women's Studies Faina Bukher The Freedom Cafe
Kayla Krueger Junior Anthropology Sara Withers The Impact of Heroin Addiction on the Community in New Hampshire
Jeffrey Wilson Junior Psychology Katie Edwards & Katherine Lee Understanding Perceptions of Social Media Networks: Implications for Prevention
Andrew Abrams Senior History Chris Reardon New Right Same as the Old: The Development of Protectionism in the Front National
Abbygale Martinen Senior Kinesiology/Sport Studies & Political Science Lionel Ingram Cuba, the United States, and Baseball: Why Baseball Diplomacy Failed to Bring the Two States Together
Natalie Gaynor Alumni Communication Nora Draper The Internet and Social Media: A New Space for Activism and Social Movements
Alexander Sullivan Senior International Affairs & Political Science Thomas Safford Media Censorship in China: An In-depth Look at What the Chinese Can and Cannot Say, and Why That Is
Elizabeth Gill Senior International Affairs & Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Thomas Safford Seed Transitions: A Case Study in Costa Rica
Christopher Grinley Senior German & Political Science Dilsa Deniz Gender in Syria: Comparing Gender Roles and the Treatment of Women across ISIS, Rojava, the Assad Regime, and the Opposition
Nicole Benjamin Senior Neuroscience and Behavior Peter Welch The Effect of Ageism on Women's Lives
Alexander Chase Senior Sociology Cliff Brown Student Commuters: Unpacking the Factors that Influence How High School Students Commute to School
ALL COLLEGES - Oral Session B
Gabrielle Greaves Junior English & Women's Studies Faina Bukher The Theater Offensive
Rebecca Barton Senior Communication & Women's Studies Lyn Tjon Soei Len The Power of Time-Binds for WOC in the Workforce
Michaela Todd Senior International Affairs & History Thomas Safford Self-Identification in Catalonia
Grace Dietz Senior International Affairs & Anthropology Svetlana Peshkova, Denise Pouliot & Paul Pouliot Native American Cultural Heritage in New Hampshire
Anna Tumber Senior Communication Danielle Pillet-Shore The Exploration of Teaching Yoga
Hannah Gilman Senior French & International Affairs Thomas Safford Why are the French Healthier?
Jacob McLinden Senior Economics Chris Reardon The Political Economics of Chinese Steel Dumping
Stephanie Barlow Senior Neuroscience and Behavior Robert Ross Investigation of the Changes in Oscillatory Power during Rule Switching after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Changing Attitude toward the Nonproliferation Regime
Kelsey Crowley Senior Political Science Lionel Ingram U.S. Foreign Policy: A Case Study of ISIL/ISIS
ALL COLLEGES - Oral Session C
Robert Maynard Junior Communication & Linguistics Michael Jackson & Michelle Gibbons Nolan and Interstellar: The Argument to Save Tradition
Sarah Piet Senior Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology Sandhya Shetty The Right to Die with Dignity
Samantha Leiper Senior Political Science Tama Andrews Veteran Care in New Hampshire: Analysis of Interest Group Theory and Related Influences
Nolan Flagg Senior Justice Studies & Political Science Alynna Lyon A Robust Mandate: An Evaluation of MINUSMA in Mali and the Effectiveness of Chapter VII Authorized Peacekeeping 
Chelsea Evankow Junior Biology & Women's Studies Jane Stapleton African American Women in Higher Education at the University of New Hampshire
Cayden O’Dea Junior Women's Studies Katie Edwards  Growing Up Trans
Alexandria Hidrovo Junior Environmental Engineering James Malley Applying MP UV Disinfection with Low Wavelength Monitoring to Achieve Sustainable Public Health Protection
Graham Peterson Senior History Daniel Beller-McKenna Metal Machine Music: The Worst Album Ever Recorded
ALL COLLEGES - Poster Sessions A & B
Katherine Shelhamer Junior Anthropology Eleanor Harrison-Buck Cultural and Environmental Dynamics of the Maya: Investigating Settlements and Wetland Resources
Kassie Zukowski Senior Communication Sciences and Disorders Allan Smith An Analysis of the Northwestern University Children's Perception of Speech Assessment Tool
Mikaela Frechette Junior Kinesiology/Exercise Science Summer Cook Physical Function, Health, and Wellbeing in Older Adults
Yvonne Cristy Junior Psychology Katie Edwards & Stephanie Sessarego High School Dating & Sexual Violence Prevention Program Feasibility & Fidelity - A Quantitative Approach
Marisa Butler Senior Nutrition/Dietetics Jesse Morrell Profiling the Health, Wellness, and Nutrition of Collegiate Dancers
Sarah Balmilero Junior Psychology Katie Edwards The Relationship between Demographic Factors and Teacher's Intentions and Efficacy to Intervene in Student Relationship Abuse
Shannon Nadeau Senior Occupational Therapy Vidyalakshmi Sundar The Impact of Patient Coping during Inpatient Rehabilitation on the Long Term Recovery of Patients with Cardiac-Related Illness
Alyson Messina Senior Occupational Therapy Sajay Arthanat A Survey to Explore Usability and Cost Benefits of Assistive Technology in the Workplace
Kitty Savage Senior Medical and Veterinary Sciences Arturo Andrade The Effect of Neurogranin Manipulation on Immediate Early Gene Expression
Lauren Barker Senior Nursing Gene Harkless Self Care of T2DM Patients with Chronic Wounds in Ghana
Eleni Zotos Senior Nursing Gene Harkless Urinary Incontinence Among Female High School Athletes: A Pilot Study
Sumeet Panesar & Zachary Teppe Junior & Senior Neuroscience and Behavior Arturo Andrade Characterization of Cholecystokinin-Expressing Neurons in Sensory Areas of Spinal Cord and Trigeminal Nucleaus
Nicholas deDiego Senior Genetics Estelle Hrabak Genetic Interactions of Protein Phosphatase 2A Subunits in Roots during Salt Stress
Myrilla Hartkopf Senior Environmental Conservation & Sustainability Alexandra Contosta, Andrew Grandy & Scott Greenwood Evaluating the Effects of Rotational Grazing Soil Microbial Activity
Yamilex Bencosme Junior Sociology & Women's Studies Victoria Banyard On Our Way to Ending Sexual Violence: Engaging Bystanders and Building Awareness
Elizabeth Faircloth Senior Biology Paul Tsang Is the Expression of Tissue-Degrading Enqymes in the Skeletal Muscil of Spiny Dogfish Correlated to Campture Stress?
Phi Beta Kappa URC Award
Stephanie Morales Senior English/Journalism & International Affairs Dilsa Deniz The Impact of the Berlusconi Administration on Gender Equity in Italy
Center for International Education (CIE) URC Awards
Alexander Sullivan Senior International Affairs & Political Science Thomas Safford Media Censorship in China: An In-depth Look at What the Chinese Can and Cannot Say, and Why That Is
Grace Dietz Senior International Affairs & Anthropology Dilsa Deniz Islamophobia in the American Media
Thompson School of Applied Science URC Award
Julian Linero ASS Senior Community Leadership Timothy Barretto House of Hope, the Community's Free Restaurant
UNH Manchester URC Oral Presentation Award Winners

Ryan Sanborn

Senior History/Politics & Society Stephen Pimpare The International Institute of New England: Our Mission, Our Clients, and Community Impact
Victoria Gouveia, Patricia Melillo & Allison Payne Junior, Senior, Junior Politics & Society Stephen Pimpare SB 66: Fetal Homicide Law
UNH Manchester URC Poster Presentation Award Winner
Abigail Goen Senior Biological Sciences Sarah Prescott Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Laura Tuttle Alumni Psychology Alison Paglia Layperson Knowledge of Hospice/Palliative Care Services and Enrollment Requirements
UNH Manchester Computing Technology Poster Presentation Award Winner
Claudia Maynard Sophomore Biological Sciences Mihaela Sabin Youth Program for English Language Learners: Education Impact
UNH Manchester Cinema Arts Presentation Award Winner
Cameron Wright Senior Communication Arts Anthony Tenczar Mindfulness
Trent Gobel Sophomore Undeclared Anthony Tenczar Pretty Good: A Short Film about Females in Skateboarding as Presented by Micaela Wilson, a Former Semi-Professional Skateboarder
Katelynn Brooks & Vanessa Russell Senior Biological Sciences Patricia Halpin The Mangroves of Belize
UNH Manchester Engineering Technology Presentation Award Winner
Daniel Crean Senior Electrical Engineering Technology Christopher LeBlanc Water Methanol Injection Control System
Michael Greenawalt-Nguyen Senior Mechanical Engineering Technology Sean Tavares Ardent Concepts Failure Analysis
Steven Kazakis Senior Mechanical Engineering Technology Sarah Grosvenor UNH Cooperative Extension: Hydroponics      
Andrew Kelsall Senior Mechanical Engineering Technology Sean Tavares Analysis of the Oil Circulation System of the Magnum Compact’s Gear Case     
Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (ISE) Symposium, April 19, 2017
  ISE Award Category  
Jasmin Buteau Senior Biology Jennifer Miksis-Olds Characterizing an Unknown Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus) Population in the South Atlantic Ocean through Acoustic Analysis of Song
Madison Wood Sophomore Chemical Engineering/Bioengineering Nan Yi Synthesis and Characterization of Copper and Cesium Modified Heteropoly Acids
Brent Lawson Junior Chemistry Margaret Greenslade Dicarboxylic Acid Shell on an Inert Aerosol Core: A Variable Controlled Hygroscopicity Investigation with Unexpected Results

Taylor St. Peter

Adam Murphy

Zachary Jarosz

Gregory Stragnell

Katherine Bemis

Senior Civil Engineering-Dry Infrastructure Zachary Chabot, Raymond Cook Atlanta Botanical Garden Walkway Collapse Forensic Analysis

Joanna Lewis

Paige Taber

Senior Civil Engineering-Research Robin Collins Constant Flow in a Drip Chlorination System

Liam McGrath

Casey Melrose

David Thibault

Julia Camacho

Senior Civil Engineering-Wet Infrastructure Kevin Gardner Exploring Dam Removal Alternatives for Newmarket's Macallen Dam

Kylie Patton

Mitchell Fillion

Senior Computer Science-Applications Colette Powers Peer Review Dashboard

Aaron Blais

Cody Shaw

Senior Computer Science-Research Radim Bartos Network-based Precise Time Synchronization
Katherine Rocci Senior Earth Sciences/Environmental Science Ruth Varner Seasonal Changes in the Isotopic Composition and Concentration of CH4 at a Sub-Arctic Mire in Abisko, Sweden
Maria Panacopoulos Senior Electrical & Computer Engineering-Hardware Design Michael Carter ISINGLASS Ground Instrumentation Xybion Control Box
Sean Kramer Senior Electrical & Computer Engineering-Software/System Design Qiaoyan Yu Mitigating Control Flow Attacks in Embedded Systems with a Hardware-Based Approach

Travis Paola

Jacob Morgan

Thomas Giarratano

Brandon Clark

Adam Benincasa

Kyle Poodiack

Freshman, Senior, Junior, Seniors Mechanical Engineering-Competition Teams Alireza Ebadi UNH AeroCats

Simon Popecki

Carlos Graniello

Seniors Mechanical Engineering-Industrial John Bundza, Ioannis Korkolis, Tim Noronha Method of Non-contact Machining by means of Electrochemical Turning

Alec Cunningham

Adam Lovell

Senior Mechanical Engineering-Research Ivaylo Nedyalkov Cyclist Aerodynamic Analysis in Cross Wind

Peter Abdu

Naomie Clark

Alexander Clemons

Paul Gesel

Graham Pirie

Mary Sareault

Langdon Tarbell

Senior Ocean Engineering Thomas Weber The Poseidon Project: Portable SONAR Device for Ocean Floor Mapping

Tessa Gorte

Senior Physics/Mathematics David Mattingly, Cameron Wake Analyzing Sea Level Rise Due to Melting of Antarctic Ice and Dispersion of Sea Water from Mass Redistribution