2016 Awards of Excellence

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Faculty Adviser

Title of Presentation

Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium (PAURS), April 22, 2016 - Oral Session A
Cecilia Martins Senior Political Science & Women's Studies Faina Bukher Office of Minority Health and Refugee Affairs
Jack Vachon Junior History & Classics Robert S. Smith Putting Greek Myth on the Map: The Pausanias Project
Emily Larson Senior Kinesiology Timothy Quinn Identification and Prevalence of Atrial Fibrillation ECG Markers in Collegiate Cross-Country Skiers
Maxwell Brown Senior Spanish Holly Cashman A Case of Morphosyntactic Variations in Spanish Discourse
Emily Ciabattoni Senior Communication Michael Jackson The Healing Powers of Dance Rhetoric
Madison Piacentini Senior Communication Nora Draper The Commodification of Feminism in Online Publications
Oriana Eason Senior Information Systems Management & International Affairs Molly Wallace Changing Opinions of the Spanish Monarchy in a Modern World
Kendall Klein Senior International Affairs & Psychology Molly Wallace Cultural Identity in France
Laurianne Posch Senior International Affairs & German Molly Wallace Fluid as the Rhine or Stable as the Alps? German Identity/ies in Light of the European Refugee Crisis
Sara Carlson Senior International Affairs & Finance Molly Wallace Reintegrating Former Child Soldiers into Society: Lessons from Sub-Saharan Africa
Annemarie Guare Senior Political Science Mary Malone Closing the Gaps: Using Holistic Legal Services to Ensure Access to Justice
Megan Lusignan Senior Biology Bill Stine Contrast Response Functions of On- and Off-Cells in Motion-Induced Blindness
PAURS - Oral Session B
Taryn Flint Senior International Affairs & French Molly Wallace Campaign Financing and Voter Confidence in Political Systems
Giselle Hart Senior Women's Studies Faina Bukher Women's Empowerment - Fierce and Fabulous
Elizabeth Haas Senior English/Journalism Monica Chiu Balancing Cultures Like a Superhero: Integration in Marvel Comics
Stephanie Yee Senior Psychology Ellen Cohn Witness Credibility and Juror Decision-Making: Effects of Racial Bias and Police Legitimacy
Casey O'Dea Junior Women's Studies Jane Stapleton I'll Go with You: How to Be an Ally to the Transgender Community
Devon Clarke Senior Communication Michael Jackson The Rhetorical Analysis of Breastfeeding Debate
Carolyn Riley Senior Communication & Women's Studies Michael Soha Networked Movements & Social Change: The Success of #BlackLivesMatter
Brittany Marien Senior International Affairs & Political Science Molly Wallace The Nuclear Dragon: From Reluctance to Adherence, China's Changing Attitude Toward the Nonproliferation Regime
Kelsey Crowley Senior Political Science Lionel Ingram U.S. Foreign Policy: A Case Study of ISIL/ISIS
Joseph Collins Senior Mechanical Engineering Yaning Li Static and Dynamic Reponse of Seed Coats and Biomimetic 3D Printed Materials
Adelaide Murray Senior Health Management and Policy Rosemary Caron Student Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs for Targeted Influenza Prevention Efforts at the University of New Hampshire
Emily Gold Senior International Affairs & Political Science Molly Wallace Sex, Drugs, and Risk 'n' Roll: A Review of Harm Reduction Strategies for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS in South Africa
Jacob Lehoux Senior International Affairs & Economics Molly Wallace The Rise of the National Front: The Far-Right Wing and Its Implications on France and Europe
Andrew Abrams Junior History Lawrence Reardon Mao: Theory and Practice
Kelsey Douville Senior International Affairs & Russian Molly Wallace The Decade of Roma Inclusion: Lessons from a Multinational Minority Integration Initiative
PAURS - Oral Session C
Mikayla Collins Senior Communication John Lannamann The Dialogic Interview: Co-Creating Meaning as an Alternative to Discovering "What Is"
Chelsea Evankow Sophomore Biology & Women's Studies Jane Stapleton Bystander Actions
Hannah Popovitch Senior Communication & Justice Studies Michael Jackson Environmental Deception through Photos
Emily Vulgamore Junior Biology Lionel Ingram U.S. Foreign Policy: A Case Study of ISIL/ISIS
Kelli Minelli Junior Music Performance Study Rose Pruiksma Bernard Herrmann's Wuthering Heights
Alana Davidson Junior Nutrition Jesse Morrell Assessing Hunger Issues Among University of New Hampshire Students
PAURS - Poster Sessions A & B
Carolyn Babeu Senior Communication Sciences & Disorders Stephen Calculator The Preparedness of Speech Language Pathologists to Meet Educational Challenges of Children with Cochlear Implants in New Hampshire Public Schools
Hannah Bergeron Senior Occupational Therapy Vidyalakshmi Sundar Occupational Justice and Work Occupations of Individuals with Disabilities: Emerging Role of Occupational Therapists
Tien Dang Senior Biomedical Science Paul Tsang Characterizing the Angiogenic Properties of Glioma U373 Cells
Kathleen Gorman Senior Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Joanne Curran-Celentano OASIS - Optimal Agriculture Skills Initiative for Students
Melanie Green Senior Ecogastronomy Jesse Morrell Impact of Health Behaviors on Academic Performance in College Students
Caitlin Hanrahan Senior Occupational Therapy Kerryellen Vroman Role Balance of Mothers with Children Receiving Early Intervention Services
Margarethe Hauschildt Junior Kinesiology Summer Cook Effect of Progressive Resistance Training in Older Adults on Quality of Life and Affect
Yongjiao Hu Junior Sociology Michele Dillon International Students' Social Networks and Academic Achievement
Julia Kahr Junior Psychology Lindsey Rodriguez Personality and Alcohol Use as Predictors of Attitudes toward Condoms and Sexual Health
Kathleen Le Senior Nutrition Jesse Morrell Perceived Stress and Alcohol Intake Comparison in First-Generation College Students and Their Peers
Keshav Nepal Senior Biomedical Science Thomas Foxall Dexamethasone Effects on Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Production by Ovarian Macrophages
Maureen O'Brien Senior Occupational Therapy Lou Ann Griswold Examination of the Effectiveness of a One-Week Camp on Social Interaction for Youth with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
Megan Peavey Senior Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology Leslie Curren The Effect of Warming Temperatures on Competition Between Two Invasive Species of Crab
Jessica Pelletier Sophomore Nutrition Jesse Morrell Examining the Relationship Between Fruit and Vegetable Consumption, Diet Quality, and Metabolic Syndrome
Kelsi West Senior Health Management and Policy Ann-Marie Matteucci Examining the NH Opioid Crisis Through the Lens of the Three Levels of Prevention
Colleen White Senior Nursing Gene Harkless Buurtzorg Nurses in the Netherlands: A Mini-Ethnography of Care
Phi Beta Kappa URC Award
Kelli Minelli Junior Music Performance Study Rose Pruiksma Bernard Herrmann's Wuthering Heights
Center for International Education (CIE) URC Awards
Elora Moeller Senior Spanish & International Affairs Molly Wallace The Rise of Grassroots Political Parties in Spain
Siddharth Nigam Senior Mechanical Engineering & International Affairs Molly Wallace Project OASIS: A Study on the Economic, Social, and Technological Feasibility of Family-Sized Aquaponics in Uvita, Costa Rica
Thompson School of Applied Sciences URC Award
Oliva Lenox Sophomore Community Leadership Timothy Barretto Slingshot
UNH Manchester URC Oral Presentation Award Winners

Nelson Gbeve

Recent Graduate Communication Arts Jeffrey Klenotic How the Use of Mobile Devices Has Altered How We Relate to Public Spaces
Lori Zibel Senior History John Cerullo Human Rights and the Bombing of Hiroshima
UNH Manchester URC Poster Presentation Award Winner
Kyle Vynorius Junior Biological Sciences Daniel Seichepine Lifetime Multiple Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Associated with Cognitive and Mood Symptoms in Young Healthy College Students
UNH Manchester Computing Technology Poster Presentation Award Winner
Nigel Swanson Senior Computer Information Systems Hong Jin Construction Job and Safety Training Using 3D Simulation Web App
UNH Manchester Cinema Arts Presentation Award Winner
Kyle Sanborn Sophomore Communication Arts Anthony Tenczar No Ideas
UNH Manchester Engineering Technology Presentation Award Winner
Jacob Gallant Senior Mechanical Engineering Technology Sean Tavares Gas Compliant Electrical Feedthrough System: Check Valve Concept
Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (ISE) Symposium, April 20, 2016
  ISE Award Category  

Thahn Dinh

Junior Chemical Engineering Kyung Jae Jeong

A Bioadhesive Combined with Polydopamine Coating to Enhance Biointegration

Jacob Lessard Senior Chemistry Erik Berda

Pendant Group Effect on Single-Chain Nanoparticle Collapse via Intra-Chain Radical Polymerization

Kimberly Forance

Amanda Oka

Shannon Sweeney

Katelyn Welch

Trevor Yandov

Seniors Civil Engineering (Dry Infrastructure) Ricardo Medina

Lower Plains Road over the Middlebury River

Ryan van der Heijden Senior Civil Engineering (Research) Jean Benoit

Analysis of Engineered Horseback Riding Surfaces

Taler Bixler

Erik Dyrness

Daniel Lewis

Colin MacNamee

Rebecca Maskwa

Seniors Civil Engineering (Wet Infrastructure)

Kevin Gardner

Jennifer Jacobs

John Gianforte

Hampton Marsh Segment of East Coast Greenway

Connor D'Amours

Tucker Owens

Seniors Computer Science (Applications)

R. Daniel Bergeron

Jeffrey Halpern

eCLAM - Electrochemical Laboratory Analysis and Visualization Module

Peter Franchina

Matthew Mayer

Cameron Pepin

Joseph Puzzo

Seniors Computer Science (Research) Radim Bartos Drone Communication Protocol
Adrien Flouros Senior

Earth Science / Environmental Science

Richard Zimmerman

In situ Oceanographic LiDAR as a Tool for Retrieving and Characterizing Particle Distributions in the Ocean

Zachary Johnson

Craig Woodmansee

Taylor Woodward

Seniors Electrical & Computer Engineering Richard Messner Musica Analog Synthesizer
Joseph Loftus Senior

Mathematics - Statistics - Physics Education

Philip Ramsey

Predictive Analytics Applied to Consumer Behavior 

David Gottschalk Senior Mechanical Engineering Ivaylo Nedyalkov

Design of Piezoelectric Shaker for Frequency Testing Applications

Ryan Boulay

David Bourcier

Joseph Coleman

Luke Desmarais

Evan Duane

Brett Gervais

Nathan Hall

Keith Murray

Christopher Wall

Carlton Wolfe

Seniors Mechanical Engineering (Competition Team) Todd Gross UNH Precision Racing Car #22

Paige Balcom

Kirby Beranger

Mikalah Little

Siddharth Nigam

Kendre Rodriguez

William Taveras

Allison Wood

Seniors Ocean Engineering

Diane Foster

Ivaylo Nedyalkov

Todd Guerdat

Project OASIS
Stewart Laroche Senior Physics David Mattingly

Firewalls and Universal Horizons in Horava-Lifshitz Gravity

Bethany Poulin   Teacher Science & Engineering Mark Green

Practical Use of Arduino Sensors in Hydrologic Research

Ryan Grover

Arianna Jesi

Joseph Kief

Benjamin Neff

Seniors Research & Outreach Award Raymond Cook

Page School Outreach & Bridges