2015 Awards of Excellence

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Winner & Class


Faculty Adviser

Title of Presentation

Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium (PAURS), April 24, 2015 - Oral Session A
Victoria Barnaskas, Junior Sociology Catherine Louise Moran The Effects of Helicopter Parenting on College Students
Jenna Calcavecchia, Senior International Affairs & German Lawrence Reardon "China U" -- Confucius Institutes and the Impact on Higher Education
Christien Clark, Senior Environmental Conservation Studies Brent Bell My Philosophy of Education
Allison Enck, Senior International Affairs & Environmental Conservation Studies Molly Wallace The Role of the EU and Globalization in Catalan Independence Movement
Sarah Flaherty, Senior Kinesiology Michelle Grenier Using a Peer-Guided Model to Enhance Participation in an Exercise Program for Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Emily Loud, Junior International Affairs & Linguistics Molly Wallace France's Reaction to English Globalization
Cecilia Martins, Junior Justice Studies & Political Science Marla Brettschneider Institutions of Service: A Model That Sustains
Madeline Moison, Junior Anthropology Sara Withers Anthropology and the University
Lauren Nawfel, Junior Communication Michael Soha Beyond Digital Dualism: The Conceptual Fallacy of the Online/Offline Dichotomy
John O'Mahony, Senior Spanish John Chaston Translating Zafron: The Nuances of Exploring the Cemetery of Forgotten Books in English
Malone Soeun, Junior Political Science Lawrence Reardon Tensions Rising in the Asia-Pacific
Elissa Solomon, Junior Kinesiology Summer Cook Assessment of Females Following a Bout of Blood Flow Restricted Exercise
Joseph Sweeney, Junior Political Science Lawrence Reardon Flexing Resources: Manipulation of Natural Resource Market Supplies
PAURS - Oral Session B

Randal Coulstring, Freshman

Kyle Parks-Damon, Freshman



Civil & Environmental Engineering

Monica Chiu From the Archives: UNH's Black Student Protests 1998-1999
Allison Enck, Senior International Affairs & Environmental Conservation Studies Molly Wallace The Role of the EU and Globalization in the Catalan Independence Movement

Brendan Freund, Freshman

Emma Gallagher, Freshman

David McDonald, Freshman

Isaac Traynor, Freshman





Health Management & Policy



Brent Bell Music's Influence on Young Adult Behavior
Annemarie Guare, Junior Political Science Mary Malone Drug Policy Reform in Uruguay: A Lesson to be Learned
Emily Kwesell, Senior International Affairs & English/Journalism Molly Wallace Protecting Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite: The Effects of Nativism on French Immigration Policies
Katherine McAuliffe, Senior Communication & English/Journalism Kevin Healey Exploring Public Radio
Lane McDonough, Senior Women's Studies Svetlana Peshkova Gender Reassignment in Iran
Katherine McKay, Senior Political Science & Spanish Holly Cashman Bilingual Practices of English/Spanish in Latin American Popular Culture
Sean Mitchell, Junior Political Science & Economics Lawrence Reardon Goodbye Greece: Rising Criticism of Greece's Participation in the Eurozone
Michael Moser, Senior International Affairs & Civil and Environmental Engineering Molly Wallace The 2008 Financial Crisis: Comparing French and U.S. Recovery Efforts
Nicole Paddock, Senior Occupational Therapy Kerryellen Vroman A Survey of UNH Students' Attitudes About Mental Health Disorders and Its Influence on Helping Seeking Behaviors
Katie Parent, Junior Social Work & Psychology Ellen Cohn The Role of Adult Confidants on Adolescent Outcomes
Sarah Pollard, Senior International Affairs & French Molly Wallace Seeking Justice: Senegal's Twenty-Year Delay in the Prosecution of Hissene Habre
Kaila Salsman, Senior English Teaching Alecia Magnifico Let's Talk: Exploring Social Communication in the Writing Center
PAURS - Oral Session C
Zachary Dumont, Sophomore Political Science Lawrence Reardon The Chinese Impact on Global Climate Change
Elizabeth Girard, Junior Theatre Rebecca Karo Noverre's Ballet D'Action
Patricia Levesque, Senior Neuroscience & Behavior William Stine The Influence of Real and Perceived Motion on Putative On- and Off-Cell Channels in Motion-Induced Blindness
Alvaro Maranon, Junior International Affairs & Political Science John Kayser Machiavelli's Art of War and the Role of the Military
Kristy Parhiala, Senior Political Science Lawrence Reardon The China Model?
Shayla Riggs, Senior Women's Studies Joelle Ryan Feminism in Action #5
Emily Schlachter, Senior Nursing Raelene Shippee-Rice; Carol Williams-Barnard Patient Perceptions of Bedpan Use
Susan Yen, Senior Communication Michael Jackson What Can McCurry's Photographs Do for the Children?
PAURS - Poster Session A

Timothy Amoroso, Senior

Tina Cannon, Senior

Ashley Desrochers, Senior

Chloe Flanagan, Senior

Brandon Marshall, Senior

Angela Neal, Grad Student

Neuroscience & Behavior





Psychology & Women's Studies


Neuroscience & Behavior



Katie Edwards He Said, She Said: Examining Couple Conflict in Romantic Relationships

Tien Dang, Junior

Joseph Miseirvitch, Grad Student

Biomedical Science

Animal Science

Paul Tsang Characterizing the Angiogenic Properties of Brain Cancer Cells Using the Glioma U-373 Cell Line

Lauren DeSotto, Senior

Valerie Hall, Senior

Psychology Katie Edwards Who's Intervening?: A Study of Variables Influencing Positive Bystander Intervention

Andraya Ehrlich, Recent Grad

Sarah Piet, Sophomore

Nicolette Schwab, Senior



Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Biomedical Science

David Townson The Influence of Extracellular-Regulated Kinases (ERKs) on Granulosa Cell Fate in the Bovine Follicle
Tricia Gunther, Senior Wildlife & Conservation Biology Leslie Curren The Relationship Between Kinship and Physical Proximity in Captive Primates

Crystal Hermawan, Senior

Nicole Jaskiewicz, Grad Student

Biomedical Science


Biochemistry, Molecular, & Cellular Biology

David Townson O-GlcNAcylation Alters Keratin 8/18 Architecture of HPV-16 Infected Cervical Cancer (SiHa) Cells
Amy Parker, Recent Grad Nutrition Jesse Morrell Fiber Intakes and Decreased Discretionary Calories in a Young Adult Cohort
Laura Van Beaver, Junior Neuroscience & Behavior Subhash Minocha Production of Decaffeinated Tea Through Genetic Engineering
PAURS - Poster Session B

Matthew Birkebak, Senior

Timothy Brown, Senior

Mechanical Engineering

Pe'eri Shachak

May-Win Thein

Harbor Security System

Hannah Cole, Recent Grad

Kala Frye, Senior

Jacqueline Sullivan, Sohphomore

Neuroscience & Behavior Winsor Watson The Role of Dietary-Derived Pigments in the Nudibranch Melibe leonina
Alana Davidson, Sophomore Nutrition Jesse Morrell Food Insecurity Among Undergraduate Students

Lisa Flaman, Senior

Nicole Petersen, Junior

Melissa Ryan, Senior

Megan Thompson, Grad Student


Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology



Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Estelle Hrabak Identification and Characterization of Genes Involved in Root Growth Under Salt Stress in Arabidopsis

Lauren Guetling, Sophomore

Ashley MacPherson, Senior

Katherine Seavey, Junior

Psychology Katie Edwards Depression and Social Support in LGBTQ+ Victims of Intimate Partner Violence
Suzanne Hogan, Senior Nutrition

Joanne Curran-Celentano

Jesse Morrell

Effect of Whole Grain Consumption on Markers of Metabolic Syndrome
Jessica Manuel, Senior Animal Science Leslie Curren

Human Identification Among Nonhuman Primates

Molly Ohman, Senior Occupational Therapy Susan Merrill Young Primary School Children's Perceptions of Stigma Associated with Learning Disabilities
Phi Beta Kappa Research URC Award
Eva Golden, Junior

Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology & Spanish

John Chaston

The Effect of Syllable Position on the Pronunciation of Sibilants and Liquids in Puerto Rican Spanish

Center for International Education URC Awards

Ayi D'Almeida, Senior

International Affairs & Psychology Molly Wallace

Why the U.S. Youth Obesity Rate Has Been Increasing: It's Not as Simple as You Think

Molly Wogan, Senior

International Affairs & Spanish

Molly Wallace

A Societal Greyscale: Social Stratification in the Dominican Republic

UNH Manchester URC Oral Presentation Award Winner
Stephanie Parent, Senior Politics and Society Melinda Negron-Gonzales A Comparative Study of the Current and 19th Century Anti-Slavery Movements
UNH Manchester URC Poster Presentation Award Winner
Alyssa Paquin, Senior Psychology Daniel Seichepine The Delayed Effects of mBTI on Executive Functioning
UNH Manchester URC Computing Technology Poster Award Winner

Stephen Griffin, Senior

Computer Information Systems

Mihaela Sabin

SnowSentry: Snow Load System

UNH Mancester URC Cinema Arts Award Winner
Alexis Scargill, Recent Grad Communication Arts Ian Reddick A Conversation with Arnie Arnesen
UNH Manchester URC Engineering Technology Senior Project Award Winner
Brendan LaRocque, Senior Electrical Engineering Technology Christopher LeBlanc Ultrasonic Level Sensor System for Residential Oil Tanks
Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering (ISE) Symposium, April 22, 2015
Halie White Chemical Engineering Kang Wu Display of Laccase on Bacterial Spore Surface for Improved Stability

Christopher DiBona

Chemistry Leila Deravi Extraction and Analysis of Ommochromes in Cephalopod Chromatophores

Joel Assencio

Taylor Buchalter

Brittany Holbrook

Jonathan Proulx

Stephen Rosenberg

Megan Suffel

Civil Engineering - Industrial

Raymond Cook

Jennifer Jacobs

Vermont Route 14 over Pekin Brook Bridge Replacement

Jill Getchell

Adrienne Hill

Civil Engineering - Research Majid Ghayoomi Evaluation of Internal Strut Loads in Underground Retaining Structures

William Gravelle

Samuel Luszcz

Cameron Weatherby

Computer Science - Applications Philip Hatcher Squad Remotely Aimed Weapons Platform
Michaela Tremblay Computer Science - Research

Michel Charpentier

Philip Hatcher

Throwing Exceptions for Concurrency Errors
Tristan Amaral Earth Sciences / Environmental Sciences

Jack Dibb

Cameron Wake

Predicting Snow Albedo in New Hampshire Using Three Winters of Seasonal Snow and Weather Observations by the CoCoRAHS-Albedo Network

Anthony Puzzo

Robert Rogers

Electromagnetic Levitation Wayne Smith Electromagnetic Levitation

Emily Hutchinson

Stephanie Medicke

Carolyn Przekaza

Mechanical Engineering

Ioannis Korkolis

Yaning Li

The Mechanics, Biomimetics and 3-D Printing of Cellular Materials
Patrick Greene Physics / Mathematics David Mattingly Phenomenology of a Toy Model Inspired by the Spontaneous Reduction of the Spectral Dimension of Spacetime at Small Scales in Quantum Gravity