2014 Awards of Excellence

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Faculty Adviser

Title of Presentation

Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium (PAURS), April 25, 2014, Oral Session A

Hannah Barile, Senior Kinesiology Summer Cook Muscle Size and Specific Force Along the Length of the Quadriceps in Older and Young Men and Women
Amber Craft,  Junior Athletic Training Ron Croce Comparison Of Fourier And Wavelet Transformations on a SEMG Frequency Spectra During Rapid Fatiguing Muscular Contractions
Kathryn Thomson, Senior Environmental Sciences Cameron Wake What Does an Oil-spill from the Montreal to Portland Pipeline Mean for Water Quality in New England's Rivers?
Katina Sousa, Senior Communication Michael Jackson Manson Family Coercion: A Study of Religious Rhetoric in Cult Structures and Social Groups
Allison Ginwala, Senior International Affairs and English/Journalism Molly Wallace Cultural Capital: Beauty Advertising in China
Jasmin Cesko, Senior International Affairs and Political Science Molly Wallace It’s Time to Move Beyond Dayton: Changing the Constitutional Framework in Bosnia
Jamie McDonough, Senior International Affairs and Communication Molly Wallace Independence in Catalonia, Spain: The Causes Which Impel Them to Separation
Kellie Shea, Senior International Affairs and Russian Molly Wallace Putin's Democracy?
Steven Pampreen, Senior
Alison Smith, Sophomore
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Rachel Rawlinson Gender's Impact on Donations: Why'd the Women Get All the Money!
Mitchell Gates, Junior Linguistics and Philosophy Kevin Healey Gay Masculinities in Primetime Television
Theresa Renker, Senior Spanish Lori Hopkins Quechua Language Use in Modern Peru: An Investigation of Cultural Authenticity and Identity Construction
Steven Bosse, Senior Political Science and Russian Lionel Ingram Seeking Stability: US Policy towards Ukraine
Antonio Nastasia, Senior Political Science Mary Malone Plan Colombia: Examining US Efforts to Combat Colombian Cartelism
Mary Foster, Senior Spanish and Linguistics John Chaston Semantic and Syntactic Losses in the English Translation of Allende's Zorro

PAURS, Oral Session B

Rachel Strauss, Senior Communication Mark Hungerford Polysemy, Polyvalence, and Pink: Audience Responses to Music Videos
Richard DiCillo, Senior English and Classics Robert Smith Caeneus and Cycnus: Ovid's Ballroom Blitz
Michael Mignanelli, Sophomore Classics Robert Smith Ovid Through the Inferno: A Study of Ovidian Myth in Dante's Inferno
Brooke Ashley Guertin, Senior Communication Mardi Kidwell The Significance of Built Space and Body Behavior in Social Interaction
Amanda Flores, Senior Communication and Sociology Mardi Kidwell Body Behavior as a Function of Gender Display in Marriage Proposals
Emily Dickman, Junior Social Work, Women's Studies and Community Leadership Joelle Ruby Ryan FIA #1
Christian Steckler, Senior Philosophy Svetlana Peshkova Contemporary Violence and the Body
Henry Bowen, Senior International Affairs and Physics Molly Wallace The Cost of Living: A Comparative Analysis of French and U.S. Healthcare Spending
Susan Doucet, Senior International Affairs and English/Journalism Molly Wallace The State of the Media in France
Jessica Hansen, Senior International Affairs and Political Science Molly Wallace Cultural Barriers: The Integration of North African Immigrants in France
Ian Henry, Senior English Teaching Martin McKinsey A Body For England, or of War? Contrasting Perspectives on World War I Through the Poetry of Thomas Hardy and Rupert Brooke
Philip Boynton, Senior Political Science Lionel Ingram Policy Recommendation: Responsibility to Protect Syria
Tegan O'Neill, Senior Political Science Stacy VanDeveer The World Energy Project: A Practical Application of Sustainable Energy Development in Ghana
Madalyn Northcutt, Jenior English Delia Konzett #2 Race and Gender in Film

PAURS, Oral Session C

Hannah Rivers, Junior English/Journalism Monica Chiu The Anomalous Depiction of Text in Chew and How Groensteen’s “The Balloons in the Page” Substantiates its Contribution to Content and Meaning
Brieanne Young, Senior Communication Jennifer Borda Environmental Protest Framing as "Ecoterrorism"
Colton Huelle, Junior English Literature Petar Ramadanovic Interpretation and Experience: J. Hillis Miller's Reading of Heart of Darkness
Stephanie Royka, Junior Genetics Delia Konzett #3 Film Genre
Adrienne Hill, Junior Civil Engineering Majid Ghayoomi Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of Internal Loads in Underground Retaining Structures
Alexxandre Schlieder, Sophomore Political Science Alynna Lyon The Breakdown of Bureaucracy in Response to Hurricane Katrina and Why it Matters
Tegan O'Neill, Senior Political Science Stacy VanDeveer Not in my Backyard: Citizen Attitudes and Disaster Preparedness Policies at the Local Level
Samantha Webb, Junior Family Studies and Women's Studies Faina Bukher A Feminist Vision
Adrienne Bode, Senior English Teaching Michael Ferber Helen as the First Feminist Character
Jacklyn Trexler, Sophomore English Michael Ferber The Sherlock Holmes of Ithaca
Marisa Milone, Sophomore English Literature Petar Ramadanovic Reader-Response Theory vs. Feminist Criticism
Danielle Blevens, Junior
McKenzie Dow, Sophomore
Jennifer Turner, Freshman
Amy Winkler, Senior
Psychology and Social Work
Katie Edwards SEEDS of Change

PAURS, Poster Session A

Mary Holleran, Senior Occupational Therapy Kerryellen Vroman Middle School Girls Friendship Preferences: Attitudes Towards Girls Who Are Obese
Jennifer Dickson, Junior Biomedical Science Matthew Macmanes What are the Trends in Phenotypic Variation in Harmonia axyridis?
Alex Schimmel, Senior Nursing Susan Fetzer The Experience of Parental Presence During an Acute Neonatal Transport from a Referring Hospital to a Tertiary Care Center: A Qualitative Study
Jennifer Hogan, Senior
Amy Winkler, Senior
Tina Cannon, Sophomore
Psychology Katie Edwards Unveiling New Hampshire Legislators' Knowledge and Attitudes About Intimate Partner Violence and Relevant Policies

Elise Beattie, Senior

Nursing Joan Hahn Nurses' Perceptions of the Barriers to Advocacy Related to Pain Management
Katie Parent, Sophomore
Thomas Reese, Sophomore
Psychology Ellen Cohn Who Can I Tell?: The Role of Confidants in Rule-Violating Behavior

Alexander Buell, Senior
Sarah DiIanni, Junior
Nicholas Duggan, Freshman
Patricia Levesque, Junior
Alec Rader, Senior
Maureen Raubach, Senior
Alyssa Reilly, Senior
Tyler Weber, Senior
Andrew Kitt, Graduate Student
Jenny Lang, Graduate Student
Eliza Wood, Senior

Neuroscience and Behavior
Neuroscience and Behavior
Neuroscience and Behavior
Neuroscience and Behavior
Neuroscience and Behavior
Neuroscience and Behavior
Neuroscience and Behavior
Neuroscience and Behavior and Philosophy
William Stine

The Effects of Varying Coherence of Glass Patterns on the Perception of Motion Induced Blindness

Amy Meikleham, Senior Health Management and Policy Robert McGrath Career Progression and Satisfaction in Hospital Administration

PAURS, Poster Session B

Rebecca White, Senior Sociology and Geography Kenneth Johnson Poverty, Race, and Place: The Spatial Distribution of Poverty and Wealth in Three American Cities
Mackenzie Gavin, Senior Nutrition Jesse Morrell The Effect of Parent Education Level on Diet Quality
Joseph Collins, Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Yaning Li Exploring Auxetic Designs With 3D Printing
Christopher Barr, Senior
Eric Boudreau, Senior
Ryan Cahill, Senior
Tyler Fausnacht, Senior
Nicholas Geist, Senior
Sean Gribbin, Senior
Alex LeBoeuf, Senior
Sean Leighton, Senior
Matthew Sweeney, Senior

Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering

M. Robinson Swift and May-Win Thein NH ROV: Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle
Stephanie Parisi, Junior  Biomedical Science Thomas Foxall and David Townson Examining the Tumorgenic Ability of Cytokeratin 8/18 Filaments in Cervical Cancer Cells In Vitro
Tina Cannon, Sophomore
Kelsey Evans, Senior
Chloe Flanagan, Senior
Ellen Haynes, Senior
Ashley MacPherson, Junior


Katie Edwards and Kara Anne Rodenhizer Should You Stay or Should You Go?: Women’s Rationale Behind Leaving or Staying in an Abusive Relationship
Erin Spaulding, Senior
 Nursing Joyce Cappiello Instilling Diet and Exercise Confidence: Influence of Nurse Body Size
Adele Jones, Senior  Psychology and Theatre: Dance Robert Drugan Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Rats During Intermittent Swim Stress as an Indicator of Resilience to Social Anxiety
Kasey Lesner, Senior  Occupational Therapy Sajay Arthanat Examining and Promoting the Role of Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities in the Workplace

Phi Beta Kappa Research URC Award

Caitlin Rose Duttry, Senior English Literature and Women's Studies Sandhya Shetty Copycat People: Media Imagery and Counterfeit Identities in Tash Aw's Five Star Billionaire

Center for International Education URC Awards

Taygra Longstaff, Senior International Affairs and Civil Engineering Molly Wallace The Role of Architecture in the Revitalization of Bilbao, Spain
Daniel Zotos, Senior International Affairs and Political Science Molly Wallace The Politics of Fishing: Surveying the Political Economy of the Bluefin Tuna Fishery in Modern-day Spain

Thompson School of Applied Sciences - Community Leadership Program

Greyson Carman, Freshman Community Leadership Kate Hanson Community Leadership Project
Victoria Bassi, Junior Family Studies Kate Hanson Nonprofit Research: Fair Tide Investigation and Evaluation

UNH-Manchester URC Oral Presentation Award Winner

Patrick Synan, Senior English and Politics and Society Susan Walsh Translation and Tradition in Seamus Heaney's Human Chain

UNH-Manchester URC Poster Presentation Award Winner

Raquel Gawron, Senior History Robert Macieski Racial Impressions: A Look Into Race Relations in New Hampshire From 1820 to 1860

UNH-Manchester URC Engineering Technology Senior Project Award Winner

Yonatan GenaoBaez, Senior Electrical Engineering Technology David Forest High Resolution ADC Performance

UNH-Manchester URC Cinema Arts Award Winner

Michael Lang, Junior Communication Arts Anthony Tenczar Runner

UNH-Manchester URC Computing Technology Posters Award Winner

 Brian Gailis, Senior Computer Information Systems Mihaela Sabin CIS Internship Experience: SharePoint

Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium, April 23, 2014

Christopher Blais, Junior Chemical Engineering Nivedita Gupta Fabrication and Characterization of HSA Microcapsules
Odin Achorn, Senior Chemistry Erik Berda Radically Exchangeable Alkoxyamines as Heat Responsive Crosslinkers for Polymeric Nanostructures and Nanocomposites
Adrienne Hill, Junior Civil Engineering Majid Ghayoomi Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of Internal Loads in Underground Retaining Structures

Elizabeth McCrary, Senior
Adam Carignan, Senior
Taylor Walter, Senior
Alyson Packhem, Senior

Entrepreneurial Studies
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering

Nancy Kinner and Dave Cedarholm Durham Urine Diversion and Recycle Feasibility Study
Alicia O'Brien, Senior
Christopher Len, Senior
Kyle Ireland, Senior
Computer Science
Matthew Plumlee Pac Help Application
Kyle Vickers, Senior
Jonathon Lauer, Senior
Shawn King, Senior
Matthew Kilpeck, Senior
Computer Science R Daniel Bergeron Exploring 3D Environments With the Oculus Rift
Tristan Amaral, Junior Earth Sciences Cameron Wake and Jack Dibb How Does Snowpack Evolution Affect Climate?

Cassandra DeNunzio, Senior
Andrew Felicetti, Senior
Robert Galli, Senior
Samuel Cordeiro, Senior
Cameron Perl, Senior
Kevin Tierney, Senior

Electrical Engineering W. Thomas Miller The Goddard Project
John Brindley, Senior
Jesse Shull, Senior
Mechanical Engineering Martin Wosnik Research & Development of WingTip Devices for Hydro-Kinetic Turbines and other Marine Applications
Chad Civello, Senior Physics Maurik W Holtrop Analyzing Heavy Photon Search Simulations to Determine the Potential for True Muonium Discovery