URC 2011 Awards of Excellence

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Faculty Adviser

Title of Presentation

Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 29, 2011

Oluwatobiloba Afolayan, Senior 
Kate Gunts, Junior 
Kirstin Lang, Junior

International Affairs Lawrence Prelli

Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don't: The Rhetoric of Infrastructure Maintenance in Newmarket

Jennifer Bakan, Senior

Psychology Carolyn Mebert The Impact of Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant on the Family

Robin Baum, Freshman
Nonie Cobb, Freshman
Kacie Connal, Freshman

Undeclared Brent Bell The Effects of Being Raised by a Teen Mother

Henry Bowen, Freshman

Undeclared Lawrence Reardon The Gap: Understanding the US-China Trade Deficit

Theodore Brackett, Senior

International Affairs and Civil Engineering Benjamin Cole The Sustainable French and Us

David Brefini, Senior

Spanish Lori Hopkins Understanding Femicide in the Globalized Context of Ciudad Juárez

Christopher Buchanan, Senior

International Affairs and Political Science Lawrence Reardon Turks in German Society: An Integration Failure

Levi Byers, Senior

International Affairs and Civil Engineering Stacy VanDeveer Drilling for Oil in the Amazon

Christine Coyne, Grad
Angela Neal, Grad
Margaret Wile, Senior

Psychology Edward Lemay Self-Protective Memory of Interpersonal Events

Evign Dodge, Junior

Political Science Dante Scala New Hampshire's First Congressional District

Andrew Doyle, Sophomore

English Cord Whitaker ENGL 756: Le Jardin de la Poésie
Charissa Eno, Senior International Affairs and Sociology Benjamin Cole Paco: Blowing up the Slums in Buenos Aires
Lauren Gancarz, Senior Communication Jennifer Borda The Evolution of Gender Role Construction in Modern Advertising

Maren Gray, Senior

Nursing Carolyn Tobin and Carol Williams-Barnard Family Planning and Abortion Services in Ghana
Daniel Healy, Junior English Teaching Reginald Wilburn Hell on Earth: Ultimate Evil as a Catalyst for 19th-Century Black Women's Radical Decisions
Allison Hitchings, Senior Family Studies Carina Self New Generations, Greenland, NH
Corey Johnson, Senior Business Administration Sara Cleaves The Driving Forces Behind Sustainability in American Higher Education
Andrew Kitt, Freshman Psychology William Stine Temporal Limits of Perceived Rotation in the Venetian Blind Effect: Eye Dominance Through Luminance and Contrast
Jordyn Krall, Junior Communication Lawrence Prelli Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don't: The Rhetoric of Infrastructure Maintenance in Newmarket
Suzanne Lachance, Senior Zoology Michelle Scott Environmental Enrichment of Blind and Fully-sighted Sea Turtles
Emily Lantz, Sophomore
Katerine Lantz, Junior
Rajtilak Majumdar, Grad
Medical Laboratory Science Subhash Minocha Managing a Genetic Disease by Enzyme Replacement Therapy: Plants to the Rescue
Jillian Lawrence, Senior Management Joshua Meyrowitz Performances and Learning in College Student Teams and Team Dynamics
Natalia Leuchanka, Senior International Affairs Lawrence Reardon The Loss of Ecosystem Services on the Yucatán Peninsula in the 21st Century 
Elizabeth Liguori, Senior English Cord Whitaker ENGL 756: Chaucer's Dronkelewes
Amy Ma, Junior Occupational Therapy Barbara White Analysis of Intervention on Stressed Pregnant Women's Social Networks
Claire McCahan, Senior Music Cord Whitaker ENGL 694B: The Medieval Masqueraders
Alison McCann, Senior History Patricia Emison Michelangelo's Last Judgment
Joseph Miller, Junior Computer Science Timothy Carlin Internet Security of the Future: A Look at Security in IPv6
Elizabeth Morash, Senior International Affairs and Business Administration Lawrence Reardon From Miss Canary Islands 1936 to Generalissimo: Francisco Franco's Orchestration of the Fascist Spanish State in 1939
Kevin O'Leary, Senior Psychology Edward Lemay Earning Honesty Credentials: Partners' Negativity Reduces… Low Self-Esteem Individuals
Katherine Pavone, Junior International Affairs and History Stacy VanDeveer The Mafia: A Continued Plague Upon the Modern Italian State
Brooks Payette, Senior Political Science Dante Scala Prepared for the Perfect Storm
Benjamin Phinney, Senior French and Russian Barbara Cooper Dubuffet in Translation
Michael Pope, Sophomore International Affairs and Political Science Lawrence Reardon Elections and Party Dominance in Southeast Asia
Patrick Quinn, Freshman Performance Lawrence Reardon Western Classical Music in China
Vanessa Richards, Senior International Affairs and Spanish Benjamin Cole The Next Great Migration: Ecuador to España
Paige Root, Senior French and Spanish Barbara Cooper Translation: The Second Sex
Bethany Schmidt, Senior Sociology Karen VanGundy Impressions of the Prison Rape Elimination Act: Wardens' Attitudes Toward, and Implementations of, the PREA
Heidi Shumila, Senior Kinesiology Dain LaRoche Influence of Obesity on Gait and Metabolic Cost of Walking in Older Adults
Claire Stodola, Senior Environmental Conservation Studies Alynna Lyon Nile Basin Initiative Influenced the Riparian Sates' Management
Chelsea Tanous, Senior Social Work  Robert Jolley How Military Affiliation Effects Students' Experiences in College: A Comparative Study
Sara Tatnall, Senior International Affairs and English Literature Stacy VanDeveer The Politics of Underdevelopment: Gabon Case Study
Brittany Trahan, Senior Communication Michael Jackson The Genres of UFO Photography
Christine Turner, Freshman Political Science Lawrence Reardon Leaning East: The United States' Trade Dependence on Chinese Goods
Kyle VanEtten, Junior Classics and English Cord Whitaker ENGL 694B: The Wild Things
Michael Vidal, Junior Psychology Kie Kubwabara and David Pillemer The Directive Functions of Autobiographical Memories: Selecting a Major
Zahkary Wedemeyer, Grad Political Science Alynna Lyon The Impact of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Stability in Central Asia
Ethnic Studies Awards for "Scholarly Innovations and Risk Taking"
Bie Aweh, Senior Women's Studies and Political Science Carina Self The Fight Against the War on Women
Allison Bratton, Senior English Teaching Reginald Wilburn Afrocentrcity
Sara Smith, Junior English Delia Konzett Racist Donkey, Sexist Fish: Gender, Race, and their Portrayal in American Film Animals
Winner of the Phi Beta Kappa Research URC Award
Catherine Levesque, Senior International Affairs & General Biology Benjamin Cole Who Let Her Out of the Kitchen? The Sexist Side of HIV/AIDS
Winners of the Center for International Education URC awards
Kevin Kennedy, Senior International Affairs and Political Science Stacy VanDeveer Immigrants in Spain
Elizabeth Marcotte, Senior International Affairs and Political Science Benjamin Cole Power and Politics in Africa: What Senegal Tells Us About Emerging Democracies in the 21st Century
UNH-Manchester URC Poster Presentation Award Winner
Brandon Bergeron, Senior Mechanical Engineering Technology Ralph Draper PT-Castings - Tooling Manual
UNH-Manchester URC Cinema Arts Award Winner
Danielle Flynn, Junior Business Administration Anthony Tenczar GET IT ON
UNH-Manchester URC Engineering Technology Senior Project Award Winner
Matthew Douston, Senior History Robert Macieski Plagues and Sickness in Antebellum Manchester
Thompson School of Applied Sciences - Community Leadership Program
Victoria Belkin, Sophomore Humanities Kate Hanson The North Conway Community Center
Brittany Thompon, Sophomore Family Studies Kate Hanson HUB Family Resource Center
Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium

Troy Clements, Senior
Saisuk Lekyang, Senior
Ryan MacKenzie, Senior
Nicole Nazarro, Senior
Jennifer Scolamiero, Senior

Civil Engineering Kevin Gardner UNH Bike Infrastructure Enhancement Program
Kevin Rychert, Senior Physics Marc Lessard Statistical study of pulsating aurora using the THEMIS all-sky camera array with respect to large-scale spatial and temporal aspects as well as correlation to GOES-13 satellite particle flux data
Ruben Lalinde, Senior
Benjamon Major, Senior
Ben Minerd
Andrew Pavlik, Senior
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Francis Hludik Reconnaissance Robot

Grant Dillon, Senior
Andrew Clemence, Senior
Aaron Murtagh, Senior
Stephen Pamboukes, Senior
Charles Sullivan, Senior

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Nursing
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration
Barry Fussell ElectroCat Electric Bicycle
Alyssa Birt, Senior Animal Sciences: Bioscience and Technology David Townson Genetic Expressin of Fas in the Bovine Corpus Luteum
Jordan Reddel, Senior Hydrology Roy Planalp Design, synthesis and characterization of novel bifunctional legands for use in a copper (II) sensor
Kelly Barry, Senior
Jack Bauer, Senior
Ryan Mastromarino, Senior
Arianna Paquette, Senior
Samuel White, Senior
Civil Engineering Rebekah Gaudreau Culvert Replacement in New Durham, NH

David Cote, Senior
Raeanna Hughes, Senior
Miquel Miranda, Senior

Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering and History
Environmental Engineering
James Malley and Alison Watts Small scale drinking water filtration for schools in the Dominican Republic