URC 2009 Faculty Mentors

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS)

Kenneth Baldwin Mechanical Engineering
Jean Benoit Civil Engineering
Per Berglund Physics
Julia Bryce Earth Science
Michael Carter Electrical & Computer Engineering
Kent Chamberlin Electrical & Computer Engineering
Greg Chini Mechanical Engineering
William Clyde Earth Science
Jo Daniel Civil Engineering
J. Matthew Davis Earth Science
Dale Delisle Mechanical Engineering
Allen Drake Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ihab Farag Chemical Engineering
Diane Foster Mechanical Engineering
Barry Fussell Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Gardner Civil Engineering
Margaret Greenslade Chemistry
Todd Gross Mechanical Engineering
Francis Hludik Electrical & Computer Engineering
Maurik Holtrop Physics
Jenna Jambeck Civil Engineering
Robert Jerard Mechanical Engineering
Nancy Kinner Civil Engineering
Brad Kinsey Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Klewicki Dean of CEPS; Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Kun Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jo Laird Earth Sciences
Linyuan Li Mathematics and Statistics
Ernst Linder Mathematics and Statistics
Virendra Mathur Chemical Engineering
Howard Mayne Chemistry
Sharon McCrone Mathematics and Statistics
John McHugh Mechanical Engineering
Ricardo Medina Civil Engineering
Glen Miller Chemistry
Tara Pierce Earth Sciences - Grad Student
Roy Planalp Chemistry
Karsten Pohl Physics
Andrzej Rucinski Electrical & Computer Engineering
Rudolph Seitz Chemistry
Donald Sundberg Material Sciences
M.R. Swift Mechancial Engineering
Glenn Shwaery Material Sciences; Director Non-Lethal Technology Innovation Center
May-Win Thein Mechanical Engineering
John Tsavalas Material Sciences
Palligarnai Vasudevan Chemical Engineering
Christopher White Mechanical Engineering
Edward Wong Chemistry
Kuan Zhou Electrical & Computer Engineering

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) and 
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space (EOS)

James Connell Space Science Center; Physics
Eberhard Moebius Space Science Center; Physics
Ruth Varner Climate Change Research Center; Earth Sciences
Cameron Wake Complex Systems Research Center; Earth Sciences

College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)

Heather Barber Kinesiology
Brent Bell Kinesiology
Rene Bergeron Social Work
Rosemary Caron Health Management and Policy
Catherine Bernosky-Flores Nursing
Timothy Bryant Communication Science & Disorders
Rosemary Caron Health Management and Policy
Elizabeth Dolan Family Studies
Susan Fetzer Nursing
Michael Fraas Communication Science & Disorders
Lou Ann Griswold Occupational Therapy
Gene Harkless Nursing
Brian Miller Social Work
Tim Quinn Kinesiology
Christine Saltzberg Nursing
John Seavey Health Management & Policy
Kerryellen Vroman Occupational Therapy
Melissa Wells Social Work
Barbara P. White Occupational Therapy
Carol Williams-Barnard Nursing

College of Liberal Arts (COLA)

Funso Afolayan History
Victoria Banyard Psychology
Federica Barbieri English
Victor Benassi Psychology
Linda Blum Sociology
Jennifer Borda Communication
Ben Cariens Art and Art History
Juan Chavajay Psychology
Monica Chiu English
Ellen Cohn Psychology
Benjamin Cole International Affairs
Barbara Cooper Languages, Literature and Culture
Willem De Vries Philosophy
Melissa Deem Communication
Jeffrey Diefendorf History
Michele Dillon Sociology
Lori Dobbins Music
Kurk Dorsey History
Robert Drugan Psychology
Robert Eckstein Justice Studies
Jean Elson Sociology
Cathy Frierson History
Brett Gibson Psychology
Nicoletta Gullace History
Dawn Haines English
Joel Hartter Geography
Rob Haskins Music
David Hiley Philosophy
Julee Holcombe English
Meghan Howey Anthropology
Lionel Ingram Political Science
Michael Jackson Communication
David Kaye Theatre and Dance
Christopher Kies Music
Clark Knowles English
Delia Konzett English
John Lannamann Communication
Josh Lauer Communication
Ronald LeBlanc Languages, Literature and Culture
Michelle Leichtman Psychology
John Limber Psychology
Alynna Lyon Political Science
Robert Mair Psychology
Mary Malone Political Science
Jaunme Marti-Olivella Languages, Literature and Culture
John Mayer Psychology
Lisa MacFarlane Senior Vice Provost Academic Affairs; English
Gregory McMahon History
Paul McNamara Philosophy
Catherine Moran Sociology
Jennifer Moses Art and Art History
Thomas Payne English
Danielle Pillet-Shore Communication
Janet Polasky History
Sharyn Potter Sociology
Lawrence Prelli Communication
Lawrence Reardon Political Science
David Richman Theatre and Dance
Juliette Rogers Languages, Literature and Culture
Thomas Safford Sociology
Lucy Salyer History
Ruth Sample Philosophy
Dante Scala Political Science
Carina Self Women's Studies
Siobhan Senier English
Sarah Sherman English
Sandhya Shetty English
Susan Siggelakis Political Science
William Stine Psychology
Timm Triplett Philosophy
Stacy VanDeveer Political Science
Rebecca Warner Psychology
David Watters English
Cord Whitaker English
Sara Wolper History
Leah Woods Art and Art History

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA)

John Aber Natural Resources
Janet Anderson Animal and Nutritional Science
David Berlinsky Biological Studies
Jill Bubier Environmental Studies
Joanne Burke Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical
Gale Carey Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical
Vaughn Cooper Microbiology
Rick Cote Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Kevin Culligan Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Joanne Curran-Celentano Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical
Thomas Davis Plant Biology
Wayne Fagerberg Plant Biology
Thomas Foxall Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical
John Halstead Natural Resources and The Environment
James Haney Biological Sciences
Larry Harris Zoology
William Howell Biological Sciences
Estelle Hrabak Plant Biology
George Hurtt Natural Resources and The Environment
Adrienne Kovach Natural Resources and The Environment
Thomas Laue Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical
Thomas Lee Natural Resources
Maryellen Lutcavage Biological Sciences
Aaron Margolin Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical
Suzanne Matte Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical
William McDowell Natural Resources
Subhash Minocha Biological Sciences
Peter Pekins Natural Resources and The Environment
Barrett Rock Natural Resources and The Environment
Frank Rodgers Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical
Michelle Scott Biological Sciences
Deena Small Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Samuel Smith Animal and Nutritional Science
Stacy Sower Biochemistry
Anthony Tagliaferro Animal and Nutritional Science
Robert Taylor Animal and Nutritional Science
Edward Tillinghast Zoology
Louis Tisa Microbiology
Stephen Torosian Microbiology
David Townson Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical
Michelle Walsh Zoology ­ Grad Student
Winsor Watson Biological Sciences
Cheryl Whistler Microbiology

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA) and 
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space (EOS)

Erik Hobbie Complex Systems Research Center/Natural Resource

Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space (EOS)

Harald Kucharek Space Science Center
Eric Lund Space Science Center
Joachim Raeder Space Science Center
Barkley Sive Climate Change Research Center
Charles Smith Space Science Center

Whittemore School of Business and Economics (WSBE)

Howard Allen Management
Clayton Barrows Hospitality Management
Ludwig Bstieler Marketing
William Burke Management
Stephen Ciccone Finance
Karen Conway Economics
Joseph Durocher Hospitality Management
Bruce Elmslie Economics
Robert Gough Management
William Hassey Management
Peter Lane Management
Jun Li Management
William Machanic Marketing
Chuck Martin Marketing
Peter Masucci Marketing
Michael Merenda Management
William Naumes Management
Richard Saavedra Management
Jeffrey Sohl Decision Sciences
Thomas Towle Management
Meera Venkatachalam Decision Sciences
James Wible Economics

UNH Cooperative Extension

Jeffrey Schloss Water Quality
Sherri Wormstead Sustainable Forestry

UNH Manchester

Joanne Conrad Counselign Department
John Cerullo History
Ann Donahue Library and Media Services
Ralph Draper Engineering Technology Program
David Forest Engineering Technology Program
Kate Hanson History
Jeffrey Kelnotic Communication Arts
Dana Myskowski Communication Arts
Alison Paglia Psychology
Stephen Pugh Social Sciences
John Resch History
Mihaela Sabin Computer Information Systems
Anthony Tenczar Communication Arts

Thompson School of Applied Science (TSAS)

Timothy Barretto Community Leadership
Andrew Conroy Applied Animal Science
Kate Hanson Community Leadership

UNH Office of Community Service Student Partnerships

Fania Bukher Residential Life
Marianne Fortescue Office of Community Service Student Partnerships
Hannah Foust Residential Life
Anne Lawing Office of the Vice President for Student and Academic Services
Julie Tracy UNH Campus Ministry

UNH Office of Sustainability

Sara Cleaves Office of Sustainability

The Leitzel Center

Stephen Hale Leitzel Center/Natural Resources

Other Affiliations

Michele Holt-Shannon UNH Discovery Program Office
Irwin Feuerstein, M.D. U.S. Army