URC 2009 Awards of Excellence

To access and view the "Award of Excellence" presentations from 2009, please visit the URC Collection on the UNH Scholars' Repository. 




Title of Presentation

Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium


David Bornstein, Senior International Affairs, History Lawrence Reardon The Loss of the Breton Language
Anna Bruning, Senior Communication Danielle Pillet-Shore Euskal Herria: A Filmic Exploration of Basque Identity and Culture
Diana Chiang, Senior Sociology, Justice Studies Alynna Lyon Successful Measures of Peacekeeping: Does Peacekeeping Work
Claire Churchill, Senior International Affairs, Political Science Barbara Cooper Jules Simon: sans colère et sans amertume
Samantha Costa, Senior Women's Studies, English Carina Self Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Protocol Project
Jessica Dennis, Senior International Affairs, Spanish Benjamin Cole How Tourism Changed Spain's Economy 
Stacy Farina, Junior Marine and Freshwater Biology William Howell,
Michelle Walsh
Winter Flounder Stock Enhancement: Examining the Onset of Wild Weaning in Pellet-Reared Fish 
Colleen Flaherty, Senior Political Science, Spanish Mary Malone Poverty and Democracy: Peru Revisited
Marie Gakuba, Senior International Affairs, Political Science Benjamin Cole Never Again: A Promise Yet to Be Fulfilled
Sarah Gormandy, Senior International Affairs, Political Science Lawrence Reardon The Carnal Economy: Sex for Sale on the Global Marketplace
Katrina Ingraham, Senior International Affairs, Communication Lawrence Reardon A Life Between: Reflections of Immigrant Culture in Modern German Cinema
Sheila Jarnes, Junior Environmental Conservation Studies Thomas Safford The Secret Lives of Roses
Corey Johnson, Sophomore Business Administration Cameron Wake Sustainability- Small Town Carbon Calculator 
Allison Krause, Senior International Affairs, Spanish Benjamin Cole Political Balance: Partisan Politics in the Spanish and Italian Transition to Democracy 
Julie Langevin, Junior Communication Science & Disorders Timothy Bryant A Study of Speech Perception: The Psychological Reality of the Obligatory Contour Principle
Jacqueline Lewis, Junior Political Science, Philosophy Alynna Lyon Anticipating Genocide: The Case of Rwanda
Jennifer McArdle, Senior Political Science, Justice Studies Lionel Ingram Why Do Militant Movements Renounce Their Paramilitary Wings? 
Brian McKenney, Senior Communication Lawrence Prelli Corporate Image Making through Pseudo-Communication: The Case of the New Hampshire Beer Distributors and Dover's Youth to Youth Student Advocacy Group
Andrew McKernan, Senior Russian, Linguistics Cathy Frierson,
Ronald LeBlanc
Christ or Lenin: To Whom Should One Construct a Monument?
Katharine Mooney, Senior Sociology Catherine Moran That's What He Said: Expanding Education Around Men's Sexual Decision Making
Johanna Murphy, Recent Graduate Political Science Lawrence Reardon Holy Oil and Water: The Economics of a Theocratic Nation
Jared Murray, Senior Statistics Ernst Linder Median Polish Algorithm for Automated Anomaly Detection in Sensor Networks
Brittany Rittenberry, Senior International Affairs, Political Science Lawrence Reardon Human Trafficking: A Thriving Black Market Service
Cem Savoglu, Senior International Affairs, Economics Benjamin Cole The Cyprus Problem and Turkey's Accession to the European Union
Kathyrn Shriver, Senior International Affairs, Political Science Lawrence Reardon Xenophobia and the Plight of Spain's Immigrants
Elizabeth Reny, Senior Communication Danielle Pillet-Shore The Rhetoric of Retail: Understanding the Function of Retail Therapy
Heather Ridge, Senior International Affairs, Family Studies Benjamin Cole Fair Trade: Small-Scale Coffee Farmers in Costa Rica
Charlotte Todd, Senior International Affairs, Spanish Sara Cleaves UNH- S.T.A.R.S Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System
Calvin Vaillancourt, Senior * 5 yr. program Psychology/ Kinesiology Brent Bell College Outdoor Orientation Program Sustainability
Eric Wind, Junior Political Science Dante Scala Thinking About Congress F


Sauwai Hung, Senior Zoology Larry Harris Somatic Growth of Juvenile Green Sea Urchins Fed Artificial Feeds of Varying Nutritional Composition
Lauren Gurschick, Senior Nursing Gene Harkless A Descriptive Study of Team-Based Well-Child Care in the Netherlands
Olivia Karpinski, Senior Health Management and Policy John Seavey Pre-participation Athletic Screening Forms in New England Colleges
Aimee Milliken, Senior Nursing Susan Fetzer The Experiences of Nurses Using Rapid Response Teams
Melissa Schilke, Junior Psychology Barbara White Procrastination Study on Stress Levels
Erica Clemens, Senior Social Work L. Beregeron SASS in the School System

UNH - Manchester Undergraduate Research Conference


Elizabeth Neilan, Senior History Kate Hanson Ensuring Warmth from the Millyard - SESL Project


Brianna Brothers, Junior 
Steven Cole, Junior 
Harry Dodson, Sophomore
Computer Information Systems, 
Computer Information Systems, 
Computer Information Systems
Mihaela Sabin Building a Data Base Application System to Manage Donations for the YWCA of Manchester


Raymond Murphy, Junior Communication Arts Anthony Tenczar Working Class Stiffs (film)
Alex Scarelli, Junior English Dana Myskowski Art Show (screenplay)



Katherine Potter, Senior Psychology and Communication Arts Alison Paglia Where are all the women? Psychological and Social Factors Contributing to Gender Gaps in the Financial Services Industry


Marina Ilyuk, Senior History John Cerullo Perceptions of Rights in the USSR


Ian Reddick, Junior Communication Arts Anthony Tenczar Hill: The Life and Times of Larry Hill

Thompson School Community Leadership Program

Catherine Plante, Freshman Community Leadership Kate Hanson Volunteer Best Practices

Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium

Timothy April, Senior 
Dylan Fransway, Senior 
Jesse Taylor, Senior
Computer Engineering 
Electrical Engineering 
Computer Engineering
Michael Carter Home Power Monitoring
Carin Campbell, Jeremy Seiferth, Kyle Tierney, Keith Matthews, Kurth Raisanen, Brendan Rickard, Joshua Spaulding, Benjamin Lewis, Phillipe Lord, Derek Smith, Erik McKenzie, Matthew Borowski, David Garneau, Michael DeGaetano, Seniors Mechanical Engineering Francis Hludik Formula SAE Car86
Morgan O'Neill, Senior 
Virgina Sawyer, Graduate Student
Physics Cameron Wake Air-sea Carbon Flux During Hurricanes 
Valerie Schoepfer, Junior Environmental Science: Soil and Watershed Management William McDowell Leaf Leaching as a Source of Carbon and Nutrients in Tropical Streams
Morgan O'Neill, Senior Physics Eberhard Moebius Precision Pointing in the Sky for IBEX Interstellar Flow Observations-Use of the Moon with the IBEX-Lo Star Sensor 
Stephen Morgan Civil Engineering Jean Benoit Soil Consistency Limits: The Portable Liquid Limit Device
Vassili Vorotnik Chemical Engineering Palligarnai Vasudevan Enzymatic Transformation of a Natural Antioxidant