URC 2008 Awards of Excellence

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Title of Presentation

Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium


Heidi Soucy, Senior Communication Lawrence Prelli The Enactment of Ritual Drama:  News Coverage of the Columbine Shootings
Emily Gifford, Senior International Affairs, Geography Albert Griffin Patagonia:  Trouble in Paradise
Sara Arnoudse, Senior International Affairs, Spanish Albert Griffin Spanish Health Care
Lauren Schweizer, Senior International Affairs, Environmental Conservation Studies Andrew Rosenberg Case Study on the Lawyers' Environmental Action Team (LEAT) and Their Position on Two Cases of Indigenous Land Rights: The Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Usangu Basin, Tanzania
Thadeaus Webster, Sophmore;
Benjamin Chiang, Sophmore
Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Ihab Farag Seaing Green: Algae Grown in Salt Water as a Potential Source of Biodiesel
Jarred Rego, Junior Political Science Dante Scala The Candidacy of Rudy Giuliani
Jeffrey Brunelle, Junior History, Political Science Alynna Lyon The Strength of the Uni-Multipolar System: The Concert of Europe
Caitlin O'Connor, Senior Political Science Lawrence Reardon Reviving Russia: Can a Legacy of Limited Economic Stability Be Broken?
Ryann Mead, Senior International Affairs, English/Journalism Albert Griffin Moroccan Immigration Into Spain
Jamie Morrill, Senior Sociology Sharyn Potter A Portrait of a Broken System: Provider Perspective on Healthcare Delivery in Hospitals. Recommendations for the Facilitation of Elder Care.
Joshua Clark, Junior Communication Beverly James Ali: Man Behind the Myth
Emily Silfies, Junior Art Studio Astrida Schaeffer, Mara Witzling A Material Portrait: The Clothing of Temperence Pickering Knight
James Hart, Senior Political Science Lawrence Reardon China and the World Bank: A Challenge of Differing Agendas
Elizabeth Joseph, Senior English Clark Knowles In the Arms of the Community
Catherine Reno, Senior International Affairs Albert Griffin Why Jihad: A Study of What Drives Individuals to Wage Jihad
Maxim King, Senior International Affairs, Russian Albert Griffin Reemergence of the Russian Military
Anna Brown, Sophmore Political Science Lawrence Reardon The Shanghai Six: Military Threat or Economic Alliance?
Adam Hernandez, Senior Kinesiology Dain LaRoche, Erik Swartz A Gender Comparison of Lower Extremity Landing Biomechanics Utilizing Different Tasks: Implications in ACL Injury Research
Samantha Riemer, Senior International Affairs, Political Science Albert Griffin Importance of Remittances to Senegalese
Skye MacKay, Senior Sociology, Justice Studies Catherine Moran College Students' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Testing Behaviors in Regard to HIV/AIDS
Kate Gannon, Senior Social Work Mary Banach ASD Treatment Decision-Making: An Exploratory Study on the Decision-Making Process Experienced by Parents and Guardians of Children with ASD
Tavia Lee-Goldstein, Senior Communication Jen Borda "But Inside Doesn't Matter":  Making Meaning in Murder in American Psycho
Trevor Mauck, Senior Political Science, Philosophy Jeannie Sowers The Dynamic Between the Moroccan Legislature and Monarchy
Emma Baillargeon, Junior Communication Melissa Deem Little People Big World:  Reality Television, Hyperembodiment, and the Rhetorics of Normalization
Jacqueline Lewis, Sophmore Political Science Lawrence Reardon Business as Usual: China's Infatuation with the Oil of the Genocidal Regime of Sudan
Brenna O'Connor, Senior Political Science Lawrence Reardon Security Interests Trump Humanitarian Concerns: China’s Economic Relations with Sudan
Lisa Merrill, Senior Political Science, Justice Studies Marla Brettschneider The Dred Scott Decision and Black Citizenship
Christopher Feeney, Senior;
Ross Tinkham, Senior;
Michael Soha, Senior



Lawrence Prelli The Rhetoric of Dover's Tax Cap Campaign
Emily Dewey, Senior Women's Studies Mary Moynihan Panel "From Classroom to Commuity: Women's Studies Theory in Practice
Emily Roberts, Senior International Affairs and Nursing Gene Harkless Nurses Performing Triage in Uganda: Decision-Making in Low Resource Settings
Laura Smetana, Senior International Affairs, Political Science Albert Griffin Real Life on the Stage: The Story of a Macedonian Immigrant


Marisha Florissant, Senior Nursing Joyce Blood, Gerard Tobin, Carol Williams-Barnard Critical Care Nurses Perspectives Toward End-of-Life Care in the Intensive Care Unit
Margret Mansfield, Senior Microbiology Thomas Davis Tracking the Timeline of the Progression of Verticillium Wilt Infection in Susceptible and Resistant Plants of Mentha longifolia
Rebecca Lehr, Junior Environmental Science Cameron Wake Developing a Climate Action Plan for UNH
Allison Collopy, Sophmore Linguistics and Spanish Jeffrey Schloss The Effects of Organic vs. Conventional Farming on Nitrogen Levels in Soil Water Leachate
Shari Davis, Senior Nursing Gene Harkless Malaria Prevention Efforts
Jenna Madore, Junior Nutritional Sciences Jesse Morrell The Association between Chronic Disease Risk Factors and Prescription Medication Use of Young Adults
Lauren Hardies, Senior Communication Sciences and Disorders Michael Fraas Outcome Measures for the New Hampshire Healthy Hearing Program
Cara Gadapee, Senior Social Work Brian Miller The Feminist Health Center of Portsmouth, NH

UNH - Manchester Undergraduate Research Conference


Meghan Marcus, Sophmore Communication Arts Jeffrey Klenotic Suggestion of Roles in Gay Advertising: A Modern Application of Erving Goffman


Kirsten Hildonen, Senior History John Resch The Chinese Must Go: Debates Surrounding the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882


Alan Schulte English and Communication Arts Anthony Tenczar Running with Keith Shields: A Personal Profile


Guy Poisson and Sergei Fischev Electrical Engineering Technology David Forest Narrow Band Light for Alzheimers


Darlene Delano History Robert Macieski African-American Portrayals in Musical Theatre 1920's-1930's
Hilel Gubenko Psychology John Sparrow Effects of Meaningful Versus Ambiguous Targets in Motion-Induced Blindness
Rick Boulanger; Edward Callahan; Steven Zarse Computer Informatino Systems Mihaela Sabin Volunteer Management System for Salvation Army in Manchester
Jacob Wen Communication Arts Jeff Klenotic The Day
Tami Geaghan English Dana Myskowski "Out of the Field" A One Act Play

UNH Office of Community Service Partnerships

Michelle Pizzillo, Sophomore Recreation Management and Policy Marianne Fortescue Alternative Break Challenge

Thompson School Community Leadership Program

Jesse Burdwood Community Leadership Kate Hanson A Day in the Life of Someone with Developmental Disabilities
Kyle McAdam Community Leadership Kate Hanson Virtual Volunteering, A Personal Volunteer Experience

Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium

George Clark, Senior Physics Harald Kucharek; Eberhard Moebius Star Sensor Flight Calibration for the Interstellar Boundary Explorer
Muhammad Islam, Senior Electrical Engineering Gordon Kraft Active Noise Cancellation Headset
Jonathan Felch, Senior Environmental Sciences John Davis Water Resources Assessment of Appledore Island, ME
Janine Fraschetti, Senior Earth Sciences Joel Johnson Geochemical Constraints on the Origin of a Shallow Ash Occurrence in the Mahanadi Basin, offshore India
Walter Durack, Heather Newton, Craig Shillaber, Matthew Valle, Seniors Civil Engineering Kevin Gardner One Small Bridge At a Time
Ryan Carney, Christopher Famolare, Christopher Hill, Zachary Kelton; Jeffrey Kite, Melissa Minuti, Robert Terry, Seniors;

James Gealy, Patrick Lee, David Levine, Graduate students

Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering May-Win Thein UNH WildCatSat Senior Design Project