URC 2007 Awards of Excellence

To access and view "Award of Excellence" presentations from 2007, please visit the URC Collection on the UNH Scholars' Repository. 



Faculty Mentor

Title of Presentation

History Undergraduate Research Conference Elizabeth McFadden
History, SR
Gregory McMahon Living on the Edge: the Staffordshire Moorlands Pan and Life Along Hadrian's Wall
History Undergraduate Research Conference Daniel Jasinski
History, SR
Lucy Salyer The Severing of the Relationship Between the Catholic Church and the French State
SHHS Grimes Award Competition Laura Palombo
Kinesiology/Exercise Science, SR
Allison Sigler and Timothy Quinn The Effects of a Long Distance Run on Creatine Kinase Levels 24, 48, and 72 Hours Post-Run
UNHM Oral Presentation Sean Tandy 
History, SOPH
Robert Macieski The Hutchinson Family Singers and American Protest Song
UNHM Poster Presentation Francoise Morison
Biology, SOPH
Sarah Kenick Sponge Squeeze: How Sanitary Can a Stinky Sponge Be? An Analysis of the Antimicrobial Activity of a Gulf of Maine specimen of the Halichondria sp. Marine Sponge
UNHM Poster Presentation Michelle Mitchell
History, SR
Robert Macieski “AME,” A Referential Database of the City of Manchester, New Hampshire 1818-1850
UNHM Films Katherine Potter
Communication Arts, SOPH
Skip Tenczar A Man and The Moon
TSAS Community Service Nicole Finitsis
Community Leadership, FR
Kate Hanson Thompson School Community Leadership Program Portfolio Presentations
Thompson School Student Showcase Michael Simmons
Forest Technology, SR
Matthew Chagnon Determining the Feasibility of a UNH Sugarbush
UNH Community Partnerships Lena Collins
Ecology, SR

Cormac Griffin
Environmental Conservation Studies, JR

Elizabeth Joseph
English, JR

Larry Brickner-Wood Community Dinners Feeding Folks with Sustainability and Nutrition
English Undergraduate Honors Conference Michael Luz
English Literature, SR
Sarah Sherman Performative Identity and Authenticity in The Great Gatsby
English Undergraduate Honors Conference Kimberly Toth Watson
English, SR
Lester Fisher Danielle Marie Thompson: Working Through Memories
Psychology George M. Haslerud Emily Carter
Psychology, SR
David Pillemer Verb Tense as a Predictor of Reader Reactions to Autobiographical Narratives
Psychology George M. Haslerud Emily Bolton
Psychology, SR
Victoria Banyard Defining Unwanted Sexual Experiences and Consent
16th Annual COLSA URC Poster Presentation Lena Collins
Ecology, SR
James Byers The Effect of the Invasive Seaweed, Caulerpa taxifolia, on Native Species Interactions in St. George's Basin, Australia
16th Annual COLSA URC Poster Presentation Derek Thibault
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, SR
Aaron Argyros and Estelle Hrabak Isolation of Arabidopsis thaliana Palmitoyltransferase Mutants
16th Annual COLSA URC Poster Presentation Jennifer Towle
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, SR
Wayne Fagerberg Bio-adhesion: Search for Vitronectin in Caulerpa
16th Annual COLSA URC Poster Presentation Nicholas Perros
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, SR
Rick Cote The Regulation of Phosphodiesterase-6 by Glutamic Acid-Rich Protein-2af
Philosophy Undergraduate Research Conference Hannah Varn
Philosophy and English, SR
Willem deVries Regulative Ideals: A Practical Approach to Global Warming
Philosophy Undergraduate Research Conference Kraig Lamper
Philosophy and Music, SR
Willem deVries Kant's Thing in Itself
ISE Melissa Allen
Psychology, SOPH
Barry Rock Calcium oxalate as an Indicator of Stress on Two Sites on Mount Moosilauke
ISE Amanda Brown
Physics, JR

Don Carlson
Physics, SR

Dana Filoti
Physics, GRAD

James Harper Dependence of Crystal Orientation on Composition in Silver-Silicon Composite Thin Films
ISE Joe Kiley
Computer Engineering, JR

Jonathan Zink
Computer Engineering, SR

John LaCourse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Early Warning System
ISE Alison Spruce
Geology, SR
Will Clyde Paleomagnetic Analysis of the Chickaloon Formation Ashes: Implications for Dating the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary
ISE Michael Allard
Political Science and International Affairs, SR

Kim Morris
Political Science and International Affairs, SR

Katie Brown
Political Science and International Affairs, SR

Tim Corrigan
Political Science and International Affairs, SR

Amanda Loughlin
Political Science and International Affairs, JR

Danielle Laroche
Political Science and International Affairs, JR

Lonni Peterson
Political Science and International Affairs, JR

Jenna Jambeck and Kevin Gardner Students Without Borders -- Helping Niger
ISE Andrew Clements
Environmental Engineering, SR

Tiffany D'Amour
Business Administration, SR

Lisa Damiano
Environmental Engineering, SR

Kathy Dietz
Business Administration, SR

Shawn Dupont
Business Administration, SR

Christopher Getman
Business Administration, SR

Steve Granese
Civil Engineering, SR

Michael Olson
Environmental Engineering, SR

Jessica Tokson
Environmental Engineering, SR

Bret Tolivaisa
Environmental Engineering, SR

Ed Viel
Environmental Engineering, SR

Amalia Wasiski-Kuhn
Environmental Engineering, SR

Jenna Jambeck 2006-07 UNH WERC Project - Microbial Fuel Cells
UNHM Oral Presentation - Honorable Mention Devon Mercer
History, JR
Jack Resch Obedience Only to God: The Trial of Susan B. Anthony
UNHM Poster Presentation - Honorable Mention Kirsten Hildonen
History, SR
Robert Macieski The Spies Who Saw Through Me
UNHM Poster Presentation - Honorable Mention Jacqueline Quintal
History, SR
Robert Macieski Entertaining the Cold War
UNHM Films Tavia Lee-Goldstein
Communication, JR
Skip Tenczar Paper Hero: The Story of Origami Boy
VP Symposium
POSTERS - WINNERS Christopher Anason
Mechanical Engineering, SR
Steve Hale and Barry Rock Studying the Effects of Road Salt Spray and Runoff on the Foliage and Growth of White Pines
  Karinne Brobst
Psychology and Justice Studies, SR

Maria Crossman
Psychology, JR

Danielle DiFranco
Psychology and Justice Studies, JR

Allyssa Lanza
Psychology, SR

Ellen Cohn An Implicit Measure of Victim/Perpetrator Responsibility: The Effect of Reputation
  Ginny King
Nutritional Sciences, SR
Jesse Stabile Morrell Bone Health in the College-Age Population
  Kelly Byron
Social Work, SR
L. Rene Bergeron Navigating Your Way Through Health Care
Political Science and International Affairs, SR
Lawrence C. Reardon Post-Communist Search for Security A Country on the Move:Overlooked Realities of Rural to Urban Migration in China
  Bligh Reynolds
Psychology, SR
Mary M. Moynihan Power and Practice: Women Working in the Community
  Nicole Eckert
Communication and International Affairs, SR
Lawrence C. Reardon Shared Living Environment A Healthy Serving of Greens: The Role of the Green Party in Germany's Renewable Energy Policy
  Alicia Shotwell
Political Science and Philosophy, JR
Lawrence C. Reardon Political Science: Conflict, Famine, and Refugees A Study of Increased Nuclear Tensions Between the United States and North Korea
  Mark Kilens
Tourism Planning and Development, SR
Lyndon Goodridge Linking Market Valued Community Skill Profiles with Corporate Outsourced Functions to Identify Financially Attractive Sourcing Targets
  Rachel Umberger
Communication, SR
Michael Jackson Taking it on in Communication: Photography, Humor, Music, and Sports The Morality of Aesthetics: Using Robert Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality to Objectively Evaluate Music
  Derek Hubbard
Spanish and International Affairs
Nicoletta Gullace CAFTA: Reasons for Resistance
  Jessica Williams
Linguistics, SR
Nicoletta Gullace Slouching Towards Babel: Language Policy, Linguistic, Identity, and Social Cohesion in the European Union
  Adrian Kerrison
Communication, SR
Mardi Kidwell Taking it on in Communication: Photography, Humor, Music, and Sports The Three People You'll Meet at a Hockey Game (UROP Presentation)
  Carli Stevenson
Women's Studies, SR
Mary M. Moynihan Women's Studies Works: Demonstrations of Community Activism
  Elyse Johnson
International Affairs and Spanish, SR
Nicoletta Gullace Expelling Dictatorial Influences from Chilean Education
  Christa Ricker
Kinesiology, SOPH
Brent Bell Transitioning to College Using Different Pedagogical Approaches
  Kristopher Cui
Chemical Engineering: Energy Option, SR
Ihab Farag ASTM Biodiesel Gas Chromatograph Testing and Automation of Biodiesel Processor
  Melissa Mangold
Sociology and Justice Studies, SR
Sharyn Potter Dating Abuse in College Relationships: A Qualitative Study
Honorable Mention Nichole Guenard
Psychology, SR
Ellen Cohn Sexually Explicit Advertisements: Does Belief in Rape Myth Differ?
  Stephanie Hueter
Communication, SR
Beverly James Overcoming Adversity: The Struggle to "Girlfight'
  Emily Soderman
Political Science and International Affairs, SR
Lawrence C. Reardon Political Participation in Democratic States - The Rise of the Far-Right: The French Answer to its Identity Crisis
  Adam Gould
Anthropology and International Affairs, SR
Lawrence C. Reardon Immigration and Tolerance - Castilian Primacy: Exploring the Role of Minority Languages in Peninsular Spanish
  Juliet Tarantino
Anthropology and International Affairs, SR
Lawrence C. Reardon Growing Out of Poverty - Profitable Business, Worthless Language: Commercial Success and Rejection of Tradition in Otavalo, Ecuador
  Myra Khan
Communication and International Affairs, SR
Nicoletta Gullace The Weight of Words: the Construction and Implications of Genocide Discourse in Bosnia and Sudan
  Brian Rebholtz
Anthropology, SR
David Frankfurter Behold the Virgin: Examining the Interpretation and Negotiation of the Sacred in Marian Apparitions
  Jessica Bean
Sociology, SR
Heather Turner The Effects of Sociodemographic Variations and Strain on the Self-Concept of Rural Single Mothers
  Stephen Calcavecchia, Jr.
International Affairs and Linguistics, SR
Naomi Nagy Sounding Gay: An Acoustic Analysis of Gay Male Speech
  Alice Sheehan
Economics, SR
Edinaldo Tebaldi Bringing up Incentives: A Look at the Determinants of Poverty
  Laura Carpenter
Political Science, SR
Jeannie Sowers Political Science: Civil Society at Home and Abroad - Wind: Bringing Renewable Energy Home