URC 2006 Awards of Excellence

To access and view "Award of Excellence" presentations from 2006, please visit the URC Collection on the UNH Scholars' Repository. 



Faculty Mentor

Title of Presentation

History Undergraduate Research Conference Andrew Begley
History '06
Harvard Sitkoff Disintegration: Ross Barnet, the Kennedys, and the Politics of Integration at Ole Miss
History Undergraduate Research Conference Roger Eichorn
History and Philosophy '06
Jennifer Selwyn Theories of Historical Knowledge
UNH Office of Community Service Partnerships Engineers Without Borders Project Marianne Fortescue Engineers without Borders
TSAS Community Service & Leadership Program Brian Reed
Community Service and Leadership '08

Jeremy Bourgeois
Community Service and Leadership '09

Deborah Sugerman and Kate Hanson Cornucopia Food Basket Project
Thompson School Undergraduate Student Showcase Michael Simmons
Forest Technology '06
Matt Chagnon Interactive Computer Demonstration of Georgraphic Information Systems Software (ArcView) and NH's GRANIT Database
UNHM URC - Oral Presentation Catherine E. Overson
Psychology '06
Gary Goldstein Perinatal Loss:  Its Challenges to Nurses and Educators
UNHM URC - Poster Presentation Jessica J. Santos
Business '06
Jack McCarthy Senior Seminar Project:  Internship at BAE Systems
UNHM URC - Films Jasmine L. Harris
General Studies

Shawn M. Laplante
Communication Arts

Hannah R. Onoroski
Communication Arts

Anthony “Skip” Tenczar Assimilation
View film
SHHS Grimes Award Competition Magdalen Balz
Communications Sciences and Disorders '07
Michael Fraas Electronic journal writing: Communicative Freedom for Adults with Brain Injury
Honors English Undergraduate Research Conference Molly Cooper
English '06
Douglas Lanier Bad Girls: Romantic Feminine Rebellion in Renaissance Drama
Psychology George M. Haslerud URC Mary Veronica Vandoloski
Psychology '06
David Pillemer Verb Tense as a Predictor of Listener's Reactions to Autobiographical Narratives
Psychology George M. Haslerud URC Andrew VanHoogenstyn
Psychology '06
Robert Drugan The Effects of Intermittent Cold Water Swim Stress on Navigational Learning and Memory
15th Annual COLSA URC - Poster Presentation Brenton Paolella
Biology: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental '06
Charles Walker Identifying Components of the Circadian Clock that may Entrain Germ-line Stem Cell Mitosis in the Green Sea Urchin (Stronylocentrotus drobachiensis)
15th Annual COLSA URC - Poster Presentation Lisa Bedford
Biology: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental '06
Winsor Watson The Influence of Endogenous Circadian and Circatidal Clocks on Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) Locomotion
15th Annual COLSA URC - Poster Presentation Heather Moulton
Wildlife Management '07
Kimberly Babbit Using Site Occupancy to Assess Population Health of Hochstetter's Frogs (Leiopelma hochstetteri) in the Kokako Management Area
Philosophy Conference Mark Joseph
Philosophy and English '06
Paul McNamara Can Kant Accommodate Supererogation?
Philosophy Conference Roger Eichorn
History and Philosophy '06
David Hiley Philosophy and Common Life: Skeptical Crisis or Dogmatic Crisis?
Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium
POSTERS - WINNERS Nicholas Adams
Psychology '06

Jenna Darling
Psychology '07

Jill McGaughy The Effects of Norepinephrine and Dopamine in Remediating Selective Attention Deficits
  Jessica Cawley
Music Education '06
Susan Hatfield Investigating the Ways the Irish Learn Music
  Sarah Grieve
Animal Science '06

Nicole Young 
Animal Science '06

David Townson Cytokeratin 8/18 Intermediate Filaments and their Role in Regression of the Bovine Corpus Luteum.
  Satya Sardonicus
Biochemistry '07
Anthony Tagliaferro Circulating Concentration of Interleukin-18 Binding Protein in Obese and Non-Obese, Asthmatic and Non-Asthmatic Women 
  Stephan Pirnie
Biology '06

Evan Jordan 
Biology '06

Subhash Minocha Harnessing the power of an invasive species: creating a bioremediator out of purple loosestrife
Communication '06
Melissa Deem Female Monster: Eileen Wournos and the Transgressions of Public Sexuality
  Emily Duynstee
Sociology '07
Sharyn Potter Non-medical Use of Prescription Drugs on College Campuses
  Matthew Reno
International Affairs and Business Administration '06
Lawrence Reardon Regional Stagnation: The Undermodernization of Southern Spain
  Alice Sheehan
International Affairs and Economics '06
Lawrence Reardon CAFTA: An Intelligent Choice?
  Nora Larkin
International Affairs and German '06
Lawrence Reardon Changing Ethnic Identities in Post-National Germany: A Study of Turkish-German Literature, Politics and Society
  Katie Smith
Political Science '06
Lawrence Reardon A Nuclear Iran?
  Meghann McCluskey
English '06
Lawrence Reardon Politics and Film: A Focus on Freedom Political
  Gina Lalli
Sociology '06
Mary Moynihan Highlighting the Margins: Empowerment and Engagement I
  Kristin Harris
English '06
Sarah Sherman Financing the Evolutionary Machine: Capitalist ideology and Social Darwinism in Zola's The Ladies Paradise and Dreiser's Sister Carrie
  Ashley Ward
Psychology '07
Ellen Cohn The Effects of Victim and Perpetrator Reputation on Physical Distance: Do Individual Differences Matter?
  Mark Santos
Microbiology '06
Stacia Sower Transnasal Delivery of a GnRH Analog in Miniature Swine
  Kraig Lamper
Music Performance and Philosophy '06
Rob Haskins Fluxus as Fragmentation and Continuity
  Courtney Strait
Women's Studies '06
Mary Moynihan Highlighting the Margins: Empowerment and Engagement II
  Gina Lalli
Sociology '06
Catherine Moran Gender Attitudes Among Men and Women at UNH 
  Nathan Smith
International Affairs and Political Science '06
Lawrence Reardon When Do Terrorists Attack?
  Andre Hoehl
International Affairs and Political Science '06
Lawrence Reardon Integration and Cultural Tension in the German Turkish Community
  Courtney Hazleton
International Affairs and Anthropology '06
Lawrence Reardon The Preservation of Tradition in an Increasingly Globalized World
  Michelle Giguere
International Affairs and English '06
Lawrence Reardon The Censorship has Sailed: Spanish Media and Democracy 
  Kelly Vogel
Political Science '06
Lawrence Reardon Reproductive Rights for Chinese Women
  Kristen Woodruff
Communications '06
Melissa Deem Girls Gone Wild: Academic Culture and the Reinvigoration of the College Coed
  Sarah Raymond 
Sociology '07
Sharyn Potter Crime Deception and the Misleading of the American Public
ISE (Space Grant Award) Michael Borrelli
Mechanical Engineering '06

George Clark
Physics '08

Morgan O’Neill
Physics '09

Eberhard Moebuis Design and Testing of the Star Sensor for the Interstellar Boundary Explorer
ISE (CEPS Award) Scott Crawford
Computer Engineering '06

Jonathan Oppelaar
Computer Engineering GRAD

Andrzej Rucinski FFT Component Project
ISE (COLSA Award) Sarah Eisenlord
Microbiology '06
Serita Frey The Effects of Warming on Soil Microbial Metabolism
ISE (ERG Award) Jonathan Nguyen
Chemical Engineering '06
Donald Sundberg Fracture Testing for the Evaluation of Self-Healing Composites
ISE (EOS Award) Anna Weaver
Chemistry '06
N. Dennis Chasteen EPR Spectroscopy for the Forensic Analysis of Glass