CEPS Profiles


Name Project Major

Nick Bencivenga

Preparation of Novel Bifunctional Chelating Ligands: Synthesis and Spectrophotometric Characterization Chemistry
Josh Chabot NASA TableSatellite IC Experimental Test Bed Mechanical Engineering
Nick Dellas Thin Films and Sputter Deposition Physics
Katie Haslett Exploration of Temperature and Loading Rate Interdependency for Fracture Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Civil Engineering
Kirsten Hutchison & Derek Pouliot Exploring Abstract Mathematics Mathematics
Muhammad Islam Active Noise Control Headset Electrical Engineering
Matthew Jones Paleomagnetic Analysis of the Denver Basin’s K/T Boundary Earth Science
Lorenzo Milani Development of Layered Double Hydroxides Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane Chemical Engineering
Hannah Miller The Spatial Distribution of Sediment Characteristics and Potential Heavy Metal Contamination with Local Dam Impoundments Civil Engineering
Thaddaeus Webster Algae and Carbon Dioxide: An Amazing Combination to Create Biodiesel Chemical Engineering
Dylan Wheeler The Ability for Artificial Intelligence to Create and Spread Disinformation Information Technology/Philosophy



Name Project Major
Tamir Blum Space Exploration Robotics Research Mechanical Engineering
Joel Daniels From Mount Olympus to Capitol Hill Computer Science
Andrew Langsner Potential U.S. Involvement in the Development of Siberia Civil Engineering
Procheta Mallik Modeling and Data Inversion Techniques for Solar Neuron Detectors Physics
Morgan O’Neill IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) Star Sensor Calibration & Astrometric Transformation Physics
Angela Pelletier Making Waves Mechanical Engineering
Emmanuel Pitia Creating Biodiesel Chemical Engineering
Victoria Ward Cycling of Molecular Hydrogen in Subarctic Sweden Environmental Science - Hydrology