Food & Dining

Food & Dining
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UNH became a Fair Trade Certified campus


Our 3 dining halls and the Dairy Bar are 3-star Green Restaurant Certified


1st Local Harvest Dinner, celebrating local food every year since

Sustainable Food & Dining

UNH is an amazing place to be if you care about sustainable food systems. Not only does Dining and Hospitality Services strive to incorporate sustainable initiatives in every aspect of daily operation, but there is a diverse range of opportunities for students, staff and faculty to get involved with and contribute to those efforts. Whether it’s through documenting the campus “footprint” of our food choices, doing outreach about healthy eating and sustainable food production or supporting the University’s zero waste initiatives, there's robust opportunity to engage and make an impact. 

UNH Dining: Sustainability


Farm to You NH

Students in the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems major learn first hand and help produce fresh and healthy food for UNH.

STUDENTS! Check out SAFS 679/680 Food Production Field Experience to get involved!

Reducing Waste

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UNH has many initiatives to reduce waste on campus, including the expansion of the composting program continually over the past five years, and UNH Dining's "Take Less, Waste Less" campaign, aimed at reducing food waste. There are some other great initiatives to reduce waste, going “strawless” and "trayless" and there are great reusable containers for taking out food from the dining halls and the Dairy Bar.



Green Restaurant Certification

All three of our dining halls and Dairy Bar are Green Restaurant certified with the highest rating of three stars! This means that the food we serve is healthy, local and sustainable, and the way we operate the buildings is also sustainable – not only in terms of energy, but also in our cleaning products, waste generation and disposal.

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Fighting Food Insecurity

Multiple programs are aimed at ensuring no Wildcat has to go hungry, including the Swipe It Forward program, our new campus food pantry, Cats' Cupboard, and the Student Emergency Financial Assistance Fund, which provides undergraduate and graduate students who are unable to meet essential expenses due to a temporary or unexpected hardship with short-term financial assistance.

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Sustainable & Local Foods

From our status as a Fair Trade Campus and production of our own food from campus farms to our commitment to purchasing local and organic, UNH is a leader in sourcing sustainable food, contributing to supporting our state's agriculture economy and our sustainable culture at UNH. 

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