UNH Cat Trax Bike Share

UNH Cat Trax Bike Share
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About Cat Trax Bike Share

Cat Trax is a collaborative bike share program with a mission to make sustainable transportation more accessible on campus and in Durham. With a fleet of 30 maintained bikes, and an app-based rental program, it's accessible to campus and community members alike. And UNH students ride free for the first hour!  

“Active transportation” options like biking and walking promote public health, protect air quality, and help reduce the carbon pollution that leads to climate change. Bikes are also a fun way to build community connection.

Fall 2022 Pilot Update: The program had a brief very successful pilot launch! In only two weeks, more than one hundred Wildcats took nearly 400 rides, getting around campus in an enjoyable and convenient manner while avoiding hundreds of pounds of pollution. The data gathered and lessons learned in the pilot will inform improvements to the program for spring 2022 when the fleet will be back out on campus and in the community!

Cat Trax is a collaboration of UNH's Sustainability Institute,  Hospitality Services and Transportation Services, and Durham's Oyster River Cycle and Sport.

How to use Cat Trax


***The Cat Trax fleet is now offline for winter storage. See you in the spring!***

  1. GET STARTED (a one time step) Download the Movatic app and join UNH Bike Share as a “member”. Enter your credit card info (you won’t be charged this fall during the pilot!).
    Then, each time you're ready to ride:
  2. FIND A BIKE Use the app to find a bike rack near you, and see if there's a Cat Trax bike available there. Once you’ve found a bike, use the app to scan the QR code on the basket to unlock it and begin use.
  3. RIDE ​​​anywhere on campus or within central Durham, including the on-campus apartments, the Gables, the Lodges, and Mast
  4. Wear a helmet and abide all safety rules; in New Hampshire, bikes are treated as vehicles and must obey all road laws
  5. RETURN BIKE Find a bike rack on campus or in Durham. Use the app to indicate you want to end use. Lock the bike by pushing down the orange lever on the lock (on the back tire), and take a photo of the bike parked at the rack.

Need to contact us?

Email us at: Jennifer.Andrews@unh.edu, or Nathan.Maybach@unh.edu

How many bikes are there and where are the stations?

We have a fleet of 30 new bikes from Oyster River Cycle & Sport. Bike share stations are located anywhere a bike rack is on campus, and at a few central locations around Durham; these serve as the “docks” for all of our bikes.

How far can I ride my bike?

Our system is set up for Durham and will automatically mark a bike as “stolen” once it travels outside of town; to avoid this feature activating, please only ride in Durham. 

Can I ride a bike on trail?

Because the bikes are cruisers, they aren’t designed for trail riding. Please don’t ride in College Woods or other natural trail areas.

What if a bike gets damaged while I’m riding it?

Don’t sweat it, but do let us know! We conduct weekly maintenance checks on the entire fleet, but flagging the bike on the Movatic app will ensure timely maintenance and protect the safety of the community.

Do I need bike share if I already have a bike?

Even if you have your own bike, bike share is incredibly convenient. If you can’t ride your bike home, are waiting on maintenance, want to avoid wear and tear, or simply don’t use your bike that much, bike share can be an excellent replacement.