Faculty Resources

The Changemaker Collaborative sparks a sense of purpose and urgency in students and gives them real-life opportunities to understand problems and practice in creating positive social and environmental change, so they become well-equipped to tackle humanity’s most pressing problems.

We offer:

  • high-impact learning experiences and programs for all UNH students, no matter their discipline
  • student, faculty, staff, and community engagement in social innovation, an exciting emerging field which harnesses the tools of business and public policy
  • training and opportunities for students to apply the knowledge gained from coursework to channel awareness, abilities and passions in real-world settings with organizations committed to positive impact
  • support and assistance for all faculty interested in integrating concepts of changemaking into their pedagogy, through class presentations, the Changemaker Speaker Series (pre-readings, videos and follow-up reflection activities available), and incorporation of the NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge into course(s)

How can we work together to prepare students for changemaking careers?

Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC):  Each Fall, we host an idea-stage competition which supports and shines a light on students and NH community members who have ideas for innovative solutions to today’s biggest social and environmental challenges. The SVIC is focused on unlocking and jump-starting innovative thinking – no detailed financials, implementation plans, nor prototypes are required. Many faculty report positive experiences incorporating the SVIC into their courses.

  • Entrants submit a 2-page paper and a 3-minute video identifying a problem and describing a solution - cash and prizes are awarded to advance winning ideas
  • Low barrier to entry encourages a diverse range of students to try out solution-oriented thinking, learn the idea design process, and develop problem-solving skills
  • Annually, students from 30+ majors enter, demonstrating the applicability of a wide variety of disciplines

Semester in the City: Undergraduates have the opportunity to spend a semester in Boston in a rigorous 30+ hour per week internship with a leading social change organization (nonprofit, business, or public sector) – in community development, social justice, health, education, environment, and other areas dedicated to the public good. 

  • Transformative and rigorous, 15-week internship with a mission-driven organization or company
  • Strategic, meaningful projects overseen by a dedicated mentor/supervisor
  • 16 UNH credits at no additional cost
  • Course seminar & reflective workshops
  • Real-world living experience, well supported by organizing partner, College for Social Innovation

Social Innovation Internship: CSIE selects a handful of idealistic, high-achieving, impact-focused student leaders for the summer Social Innovation Internship program – a paid opportunity for students. Interns present on their experiences at the end of program Showcase.

  • 9-week paid internship with a regional for-profit or non-profit organization
  • Strategic, meaningful projects focused on social or environmental initiative(s)
  • Matched with a dedicated mentor/supervisor
  • Well-supported through several CSIE-designed training and externship days as a cohort

B Impact Clinic: In collaboration with New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility, the B Impact Clinic was launched at UNH in the Spring of 2019. The Clinic gathers teams of cross-discipline undergraduate students to serve as consultants for regional companies working to complete the B Impact Assessment, an open-access, rigorous assessment tool which to assesses social and environmental impact. Students are matched with companies to help them complete the BIA, become B Corp certified, recertified, or to simply understand how they perform.

Student Run Enterprises & Organizations Advised by the Changemaker Collaborative:

Trash 2 Treasure (T2T):  With the mission of assisting students, UNH, and the local community in reducing waste, T2T collects massive quantities of furniture and dorm items at the end of each school year to recycle or resell at discounted prices the following Fall. T2T has saved students over half a million dollars in expenses and diverted more than 174 tons of waste from entering landfills.

Net Impact UNH: Inspiring students to think beyond the financial bottom line and work towards achieving a triple bottom line (economic, social, and environmental). Diverse majors and talent come up with innovative solutions to issues in our community, ideas are organized into projects, which are entered into competitions and challenges.