Felicia Blodgett-Duran

2023 McNair Scholar, Felicia Blodgett-Duran

University of New Hampshire
McNair Scholar, 2023
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Griffith
Research Title: Workplace Attitude and Gratitude: How Inclusion in the Workplace Can Impact Organizational Citizenship Behaviors

In recent years there has been an emphasis on the importance of values of organizations. Values of organizations have the possibility of impacting employees' lives. If employees are unhappy and feel undervalued they may not invest in their job further than what is explicitly stated in their job description. One way to make employees feel valued and cared for, is to develop inclusive environments. If the work setting has inclusive culture behaviors, the employees may change their mindset. For instance, employees may start to participate in organizational citizenship behaviors. In this proposed project we intend to explore the relationship between inclusive leadership, inclusive culture, and organizational citizenship behaviors. We expect to find that when there is more inclusion, more employees engage in citizenship behaviors. We also expect that the relationship may be strengthened by inclusive leadership in the organization. We plan on conducting this research using a non-experimental survey and using ANOVA and potentially mediation analysis to explore the results. This is valuable research because it has practical implications for leaders to improve the experience of the workforce and could benefit not only organizations but the employees within them.

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