Knack Tutoring

UNH has partnered with Knack to help strengthen the peer learning community on campus! With Knack, any enrolled undergraduate student at UNH can get help from a fellow peer that already aced your class. You can choose to meet up online on the Knack platform or on campus in person!

If you’ve aced a course, sign up as a Knack Tutor to help your peers! Your faculty can recommend you as a tutor, too! Do a training online and start taking requests. Knack pays you $15/hr. You work the hours you want, when you want, and help out another UNH student! There are also perks and swag you can win!

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Pilot Year 2021-2022

In 2021-2022, UNH tried out Knack with a limited number of courses.

  • In Fall 2021, 100 students visited for 276 tutoring sessions.
  • In spring 2022, 68 students visited for 340 tutoring sessions.
  • UNH had 42 Peer Tutors complete training and 34 offered sessions to peers.
  • The average number of tutoring sessions per student was 4.22 sessions.
  • UNH Knack Peer Tutors covered 286 courses.

100% of students tutored responded on a satisfaction survey that their tutoring sessions were Excellent, Very Good, or Good! 100% said they would return for tutoring, and 75% said they would recommend to a friend.

100% of students attending 4 or more tutoring sessions responded that they Strongly Agree or Agree that after their tutoring sessions they feel more confident in their understanding of the material an d are better able to do the work on their own.

In 2022-2023 all courses will be available and all students can sign up for free tutoring on Knack BUT we need Tutors to offer sessions!!