Knack Tutoring

UNH has partnered with Knack to help strengthen the peer learning community on campus! With Knack, any enrolled undergraduate student at UNH can get help from a fellow peer that already aced your class. You can choose to meet up online on the Knack platform or on campus in person!

If you’ve aced a course, sign up as a Knack Tutor to help your peers! Your faculty can recommend you as a tutor, too! Do a training online and start taking requests. Knack pays you $15/hr. You work the hours you want, when you want, and help out another UNH student! There are also perks and swag you can win!

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Fall 2022 Knack Stats

Students are finding Knack, and each other! 

This fall:

  • 400 students visited for 1, 210 tutoring sessions.
  • UNH had 115 Peer Tutors approved to tutor, and 69 of them offered sessions to peers.
  • UNH Knack Peer Tutors covered 438 undergraduate courses.
  • 99% of students who heard back from a tutor regarding their request followed through with a session. Where we need improvement is getting more tutors onboarded and trained and ACCEPTING requests!
  • Five of the top ten-requested courses have several tutors and have a high response rate! (BIOL 411, MATH 418, MATH 425, CHEM 403, and ADMN 502)
  • We need more tutors for the other five top-requested courses who will respond to requests: BMS 507, MATH 422, ECON 401, ECON 402, and ADMN 510

Faculty, please recommend high achievers in your course to be tutors.

Link this video to your Canvas course for students to learn about Knack.

Pilot Year 2021-2022

In 2021-2022, UNH tried out Knack with a limited number of courses.

  • In Fall 2021, 100 students visited for 276 tutoring sessions.
  • In spring 2022, 68 students visited for 340 tutoring sessions.
  • UNH had 42 Peer Tutors complete training and 34 offered sessions to peers.
  • The average number of tutoring sessions per student was 4.22 sessions.
  • UNH Knack Peer Tutors covered 286 courses.

100% of students tutored responded on a satisfaction survey that their tutoring sessions were Excellent, Very Good, or Good! 100% said they would return for tutoring, and 75% said they would recommend to a friend.

100% of students attending 4 or more tutoring sessions responded that they Strongly Agree or Agree that after their tutoring sessions they feel more confident in their understanding of the material an d are better able to do the work on their own.

In 2022-2023 all courses will be available and all students can sign up for free tutoring on Knack BUT we need Tutors to offer sessions!!