myWildcatSuccess (mWS)


My Wildcat Success, aka myWildcatSuccess (mWS), is the UNH brand for EAB Navigate; a collaborative student success management system used to communicate, make appointments, track academic progress and alerts, and improve overall student support.

mWS Resources for Faculty and Staff

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Early Alerts

One of the ways UNH can proactively support students is to identify those  students who are struggling early in the semester; the mWS platform provides the structure for an early alert system. On average,  80% of faculty participate in the early alert Progress Report in Week 5, sending notifications to students who have missed class, assignments, or scored poorly on early quizzes/exams. Once alerted, an advisor reaches out  to the student and may also direct that student to campus resources. We expect that this  early intervention will prevent an academic action at the end of the semester.

Rolling alerts are planned to begin after the initial Week 5 Progress Report, so that faculty can go into mWS at any point (preferably before week 8 when an intervention is most impactful) and alert a student who is having difficulty. 

Coordinated Care Network for Students

Many students find “their people’ and ‘their places’ on campus early on, and so the first ones to know about struggles, especially non-academic ones, are not the student’s academic advisor but another caring adult on campus. We will build a support network on mWS so that these relationships can be leveraged to provide students with the appropriate help and resources no matter the reason for their struggle. Stay tuned for how our CCN develops.