Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness Council is charged with overseeing issues pertaining to the health and well-being of the undergraduate student body. The Council also works to improve student nutrition, access to recreational facilities, and medical services.  The Health and Wellness Council formulates policies and initiatives aimed at tackling issues in these areas.

The Health and Wellness Council Chairperson is unique amongst other Cabinet members in that they also chair a commission of both students and administrators, the Dining Commission, which advises the Department of Dining on improving dining halls and food options.

The Health and Wellness Council Chairperson also sits as a member of the Student Health Benefit Plan Committee.

The Health and Wellness Council  is responsible for liaising with:

  1. The Department of Campus Recreation
  2. The Department of Dining and Hospitality Services
  3. The Office of the Executive Director of Health and Wellness
  4. Psychological and Counseling Services
  5. The Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP)
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Renae Reardon

Health and Wellness Council Chairperson
Office Hours: TBD

Policy Goals: 


  • Emilie Allaire (Student Senator)
  • Yash Patel (Student Senator)
  • Chris Josefowitch (Student Senator)
  • Olivia Welch (Student Senator)
  • Dina Rathke (Student Body Vice President)
  • Alexia Heriaud (Student Senator)
  • Bella Johnson (Student Senator)

Recent Resolutions

Resolution Name Date Passed
R.44.09 Thank You From the Health and Wellness Council 10/23/2022