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Who We Are

The UNH Student Senate is the largest and most predominant student government on campus, representing the entirety of the undergraduate student body as established in the Students Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities (SRRR). The Student Senate is led by the Senate Speaker who oversees the day to day operations of the Body and its members. Senators make up the majority of the Senate's membership and are elected each fall and on a rolling basis throughout the year. These students are dedicated members of the UNH community and work to develop policies and suggest improvements to administrators to enhance the UNH experience for all. This is typically expressed in the form of a "resolution". 

How We Work

A resolution is the primary way the Student Senate communicates the opinion and voice of the student body to campus administrators. Whether it be about improvements to parking services, campus accessibility, or academic advising, Student Senators present their resolutions to the Student Senate who then votes to approve based on the opinions of their constituents. An approved resolution is then communicated to the proper administrators who use the opinion of the student body as a guide for constructive criticism and guidance. 

Student Senators are able to develop resolutions and work on ideas within councils, or subgroups, of the Senate Senate. These provide a forum for students to work together in a small group to come up with solutions to problems that are impacting students on campus. There are six councils, each led by a Chairperson who guides each council meeting and provides support to the student senators. Beyond the council chairpeople, there are other officers who keep the Student Senate functioning like the Executive Officer who conducts trainings along with senator elections, and the Historian, who keeps minutes of the Student Senate meetings. 

The Student Activity Fee Committee

One of the most important functions of the Student Senate is the oversight of the Student Activity Fee, one of the nine undergaduate mandatory fees. Managing more than $1,000,000 a year, the Student Senate's Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC) provides the day-to-day operations of this responsibility. The committee, led by the SAFC Chairperson, meets weekly and provides financial support to the more than 200 student organizations on campus - any of which can request funding to put on events for the students on campus. 

It's Time to Get Involved!

If you are an undergraduate UNH student looking to get involved and make a positive impact on your community, consider joining the Student Senate by clicking the button below.

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