Community Development

The Community Development Council serves and formulates policies aimed at supporting underrepresented student groups, such as the Diversity Support Coalition, Non-Traditional students, commuters, and athletes. The Community Development Council oversees a wide range of issues, including equity, inclusion, safety, and the general well-being of the UNH Community.

The  Community Development Council is responsible for liaising with:

  1. The Department of Residential Life
  2. The Department of Housing
  3. Department of Athletics
  4. The Office of Civic and Community Engagement
  5. The Memorial Union & Student Activities 
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Aashaya Rajbhandari

Community Development Council Chairperson
Office Hours: T/R 12:40-2:00

Policy Goals: 


  • Evan Menard (Student Senator)
  • Molly Dugan (Student Senator)
  • Liv Dunsmore (Student Senator)
  • Kelly Marshall (Student Senator)
  • Matthew Furtelli (Student Senator)

Recent Resolutions

Resolution Name Date Passed
44.11 Thank You From the Community Development Council 11/06/2022
44.18 Regarding the Replacement of Key Locks with Key Pads 02/19/2023