Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Council oversees issues relating to academic programs and accountability, as well as courses, the Discovery Program, faculty, and the academic calendar. The Council also reviews and recommends changes to the academic sections of the Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities (SRRR) to the Student Senate. The Academic Affairs Council formulates policies and initiatives aimed at tackling academic issues.

The Academic Affairs Council is responsible for liaising with:

  1. The Faculty Senate 
  2. The Office Vice Provost of Academic Affairs 
  3. UNH's 5 Colleges
  4. All Academic Departments
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Molly Tucker

Academic Affairs Chairperson
Office Hours: TBD

Policy Goals: 


  • Sophia Elliot (Student Senator)
  • Molly Tucker (First-Year Representative)
  • Cassie Lafleur (Student Senator)
  • Yash Patel (Student Senator)
  • Caroline Butler (Student Senator)

Recent Resolutions

Resolution Name Date Passed
R.44.01 Regarding Curtailed Operations 05/01/2022
R.44.05 Regarding a Thank You From the Academic Affairs Council 10/16/2023
R.44.12 Regarding Extending Thanksgiving Break 11/06/2023
R.44.13 Regarding the Updating of University Department and Program Websites 11/14/2023
R.44.15 Regarding the Inclusion of ASL in Foreign Language Requirements 12/11/2023
R.44.16 Regarding Degreeworks and Streamlining Academic Exploration and Success 12/11/2022
R.44.17 Regarding Preferred Names on UNH Accounts, Emails, and More 12/11/2022
R.44.24 Regarding Student Participation in the Honors Program Committee 03/26/2023
R.44.25 Regarding Digital Note-Taking in the Classroom 03/26/2023